Travis Kelce’s Mother reveals plan with Taylor Swift before flying to Kansas City to watch son Travis play on New Year’s Eve

Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift


Donna Kelce appeared as a guest on sons Travis and Jason’s New Heights show. She revealed that she spent Christmas in Philly and is going to Kansas for NYE.


Travis Kelce's Mother and Taylor Swift

Donna Kelce looks set to spend another afternoon in the company of Taylor Swift after confirming she will travel to Kansas City for son Travis’ New Year’s Eve game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The most famous mom in sports spent Christmas in Philadelphia and headed to the Linc to watch son Jason win against the New York Giants, and she’ll now hot-foot it across the country to Missouri to support her other son.

While appearing on a special family edition of the New Heights podcast, Donna was asked if she was enjoying being in Philly with Jason, and she in turn shared her plans the coming days.

‘I’m loving Philly, it’s warm here… surprisingly so,’ she began. ‘We didn’t even have to wear winter coats!’

Travis then responded by saying: ‘I don’t think it snowed on Christmas [in Kansas City], but it’s been snowing ever since.’

Donna then revealed her plans by noting: ‘Okay, well I’ll get to experience that this weekend.’

Travis then added: ‘You’re gonna get to come and experience the New Year in Kansas City. Christmas in Philly, New Year’s in KC. You do it right. See the girls for Christmas, and then come see your favorite son and party it up for New Year’s.’

It is expected that Travis’ girlfriend Taylor Swift will also be in attendance at Arrowhead as the Chiefs look to end 2023 with a win – something that has been sorely lacking from their recent schedule.

The pop superstar has attended eight Kansas City games this season, seeing Travis win the first four, but she has since seen three losses as their season ground to a worrying halt.

She has taken some flak for being a ‘distraction’ from some fans and analysts, but it appears she will head towards double-figure attendances and be back in Travis’ box to ring in the new year.

Swift already spend Christmas at Kelce’s $6m Kansas City mansion alongside her dad Scott, mom Andrea, and Travis’ dad Ed.

When Donna joins this weekend, it will be a real family affair once again, as the two high-profile lovers celebrate the start of 2024 in each other’s arms.