Donna Kelce Reveals who her Favorite Son is between Travis and Jason

Donna Kelce


Travis and Jason Kelce have shared a hilarious clip from their hotly anticipated ‘family episode’ of their New Heights podcast to round out 2023.


Jason and Travis Kelce and Mother

The brothers will drop the episode in full on Friday but on Thursday night, they shared a brief preview clip for their thousands of fans.

In the 20-second video, Travis says to his mom Donna: ‘Well mommy, we last had you on the show before the Super Bowl, where you said, definitely, that Jason was your favorite.

‘Has that changed at all this season?’

After a short pause, Donna simply responds ‘not yet’ before Jason erupts with laugher and shouts ‘oh my god!’.

Philadelphia Eagles star Jason is also set to welcome his wife Kylie onto the show and their dad, Ed, is also slated to appear.

But fans are inevitably speculating over whether Taylor Swift, Travis’s girlfriend, will also join them on the show.

The singer is not mentioned in the New Heights preview graphic that was also shared late on Thursday to promote the episode.

But she is believed to be staying with Travis in Kansas City, with the Chiefs star currently in the middle of the football season.

Swift was in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Kelce and the Chiefs in their surprise loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.

And she is expected to return for the New Year’s Eve game in Kansas City against Cincinnati Bengals.

For Jason and the Eagles, meanwhile, they play on New Year’s Eve against Arizona Cardinals.

If Jason really is her favorite son then Donna stayed true to her word in picking which of her sons to watch in action on Christmas Day, opting for the Eagles over the Chiefs.

But it is not yet clear which game she will choose on New Year’s Eve.