Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift has been SPOTTED at Big Slick! – Watch ‘Super Fans’ poke fun at Travis and Taylor for not knowing why they are there…

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at Big Slick


The romance between Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and superstar singer Taylor Swift is big news around the globe. Heck, even in a fictional part of Chicago, there is talk of Kelce and Swift.


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes in an Event

At Saturday night’s Big Slick Party & Show at the T-Mobile Center, an old “Saturday Night Live” skit with Chicago’s “Super Fans” was revised and included Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

You may recall, that these Windy City fans think Da Bears are the greatest team in sports history and former coach Mike Ditka could do nothing wrong. On Saturday, Carl Wollarski (played by Robert Smigel) and Bob Swerski (George Wendt) were joined by Shawnee Mission West graduate Jason Sudeikis at the T-Mobile Center.

And they had jokes about Swift and Kelce. Smigel and Wendt bragged about how great Chicago is compared to Kansas City and talked crime rates. “I looked it up. KC is riddled with crime, my friend,” Smigel said. “That’s what happens when you allow your town to be overrun with Swifties,” Wendt joked.

They also talked about the failed stadium vote in April. “Hey guys, here’s what I’m thinking,” Smigel said. “You want a new stadium, maybe Travis here could ask Taylor to foot the bill.”

Kelce responded: “Will you all pipe down? That ain’t happening.” Wendt’s character chimed in: “Come up, what’s a few hundred million to Taylor? That’s what floor tickets cost to her concert.” Sudeikis’ character, who was said to be the one who was played for the late Chris Farley, then asked a question that Swift’s fans have been asking for months: when are there going to be wedding bells? “Hey, Travis.

Real talk. Just the guys here. Travis, when are you going to make an honest women out of her?” That drew a huge cheer at the T-Mobile Center.

Sudeikis continued: “Taylor doesn’t need to be working anymore and again, I know your kicker agrees with me.” That was a jab at Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College. Later, Kelce talked about the Chiefs’ 26-7 win over the Dolphins in a Wild Card Game at Arrowhead Stadium.

“It was real cold,” Kelce said. “The wind chill went down to negative-27.” The “Super Fans” pretended to be unimpressed with that temperature, ostensibly because it gets colder in Chicago. “Taylor,” Smigel said, “make me warm.” Once again, there were huge laughs.

The “Super Fans” talked about the speed of the Chiefs receivers and worked in a joke about Rashee Rice’s crash in Dallas. Later Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes joined the show and there was a joke about the Bears passing on Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Here the skit, and it is really funny (a warning: there is some cursing).