Travis Kelce COMPLIMENTS Taylor Swift’s Caring Gesture at her Eras Tour in Lyon ‘She will be a good mother…’, when she PAUSED her show to care and point out to a fan that is having difficulty breathing for security help them… Fans have quickly started reading meaning to Travis’ compliments… Here are the crazy speculations

taylor swift points out fan to concert security


Taylor Swift’s French definitely doesn’t have to be pardoned … ’cause she said a few words pretty perfectly while directing attention to a fan in need.


Taylor Swift point to fan that needs help

The singer-songwriter was onstage during her show in Lyon, France … when she points to a member of the audience and asks if they need help. Clearly, they give her some kinda “yes” — ’cause she says a few words to have someone rush to them.

Listen to the clip for yourself … Tay clearly asks for help — with a nice little please to boot — while speaking some pretty dang good French before pausing the show until she’s satisfied someone’s on their way — adding the person in need’s right in the front of her audience.

Believe it or not, not the first Taylor’s had to ask for concert security help in a foreign language … just a few days ago, she said, “Ayuda por favor” while performing in Madrid to draw attention to another fan.

Taylor’s tour just keeps rolling along … she’s got another show in Lyon tomorrow before heading up to Scotland this weekend. European fans will also catch her in England, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and many more locales before the summer’s up.

As for tonight’s show in Lyon … we haven’t spotted any celebs in the stands yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. She’s had everyone from Travis Kelce to Gigi Hadid showing their love.

Longtime pals Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively even hit up her shows in Madrid last week — where they packed on some serious PDA.

BTW … Taylor wished her Lyon audience a Happy Pride Month too … though she stuck to English for that one.

Anyhoo … tres bon on the French, Taylor. We’re sure the fan you helped appreciates it too!