Patrick Mahomes Analyses What Went Wrong for Chiefs Loss on Christmas Game “Gave Details and also Reveals How the Team will Respond going forward”

Patrick Mahomes on Field


The Kansas City Chiefs are reeling in the back stretch of the 2023 season, having lost three of their last five games, including an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas day at Arrowhead Stadium.


Patrick Mahomes Interview

While speaking to the media on Wednesday, Patrick Mahomes elaborated on what exactly went wrong against Las Vegas, and how the team needs to respond going forward.

“I think [we] just have to be better as a unit. I have to play better, read the field better,” Mahomes explained. “You have to learn from your mistakes and be better next week because we have a great game against a great team coming up.”

The Chiefs’ offense struggled to consistently move the ball down the field through the air against the Raiders on Monday. Mahomes understands that the passing game is a crucial element of the offense and feels that there needs to be better execution starting with himself.

“I think it goes back to me; I’ve got to be critical of myself,” Mahomes continued. “There were times where there were throws there and I didn’t make them, there were times where I went through my reads and didn’t get to my last one. Obviously, that wasn’t our best performance – it wasn’t my best performance, but you’ve got to be critical of yourself and better for it the next time.”

The Chiefs have a pivotal game against the Bengals on Sunday, as they have not clinched the AFC West with two weeks left in the regular season. If the Chiefs want to have any success in the playoffs, the team must start building momentum starting this week.