Meghan Markle Concerned About Possible Serious Harm Coming that will wreck her life and future

Meghan Markle Worried


Meghan Markle suspects she will soon be exposed by former friend Jessica Mulroney.


Meghan Markle Jessica Mulroney

Meghan Markle reportedly having a hard time navigating life as she suspects her former friend, Jessica Mulroney, is up to something which will “destroy” her career and personal life.

After Mulroney dropped a cryptic post seemingly targeting Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, an insider said the former actor things there’s “more to come.”

Mulroney shared a video on her social media with a cryptic message, “Anybody who believes lies about you, before even hearing your side of the story, was already looking for a way to be against you.”

“Everyone says Jessica’s cryptic posts were directed at Meghan. They’re not all that subtle,” a source told Life & Style, adding that there are fears Mulroney will spill Markle’s dark secrets.

Mulroney “knows more about Meghan than probably anyone,” the insider said, adding, “Meghan has secrets she doesn’t want revealed.”

“If anyone can cause her damage by sharing those, by writing a book, posting on social media, giving a tell-all interview or otherwise, it’s Jessica,” the source continued.

The source continued to reveal that Mulroney has knowledge of Markle’s “Hollywood dreams” and the “other famous men” who were on her ‘future husbands’ list.

“Meghan thought the ultimate betrayal was how Harry’s family has treated them, but if Jessica turned on her, that would really hurt,” they added.