Donna Kelce gave  the “Best Gift of All” to Support NFL Team’s Autism Foundation 

Donna Kelce Cooking Cookies


Donna Kelce spent her Christmas Day in Philadelphia cheering the Eagles on and she also did a good deed for charity with her homemade cookies on sale.


Donna Kelce Cheers on Son

Donna Kelce’s festive spirit saw her baking homemade cookies at the Eagles game on Christmas Day in aid of the NFL team’s autism foundation, as she cheered on son Jason instead of joining Taylor Swift’s for Travis’s Chiefs game on Monday.

Donna posed for a photograph with Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife, for a heartwarming picture on Christmas Day that was posted on the Eagles Autism Instagram page, holding a box of her very own ‘Mama Kelce’ cookies.

‘The best gift of all: an Eagles WIN and raising money for our Eagles autism community,’ the caption read.

‘Thank you Donna Kelce for donating proceeds from Mama Kelce’s cookie sale to the Eagles Autism Foundation!’.

The cookies were also sold at the Chiefs game as well but the fixture clash with the Chiefs and Eagles meant Donna had to choose which son to support.

And she was in Philadelphia as her son Jason’s team got back to winning ways with a 33-25 victory over the New York Giants.

She told People last week: ‘I will be in Philadelphia for Christmas, spending time with my grandkids as we cheer on their dad.

‘I understand that it’s part of the job (holiday games). I embrace the holiday games and enjoy the special days with our football family.’

It meant she had some quality time with Jason’s wife Kylie and their three adorable children: Wyatt, 3, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett – who was only born in March.

The Chiefs, meanwhile had a day to forget with a terrible performance in the 20-14 loss to Las Vegas Raiders.

Shortly after the Chiefs had gifted their opponents back-to-back defensive touchdowns in an NFL record of seven seconds, Kelce made his way back to the sidelines and threw his helmet to the ground in disgust.

CBS cameras caught the exact moment it happened, with the helmet bouncing off the turf and into the stands at Arrowhead.

A coach then tried to give Kelce a replacement, but was stopped by head coach Andy Reid, who then gave the tight end a talking to of his own.

In an angry exchange, Reid was seen bumping into Kelce on a busy sideline, before the player then moves away to cool down.

The Chiefs return to action on New Year’s Eve when they host Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Eagles are also at home that day to Arizona Cardinals.