Problems Emerged as Fans and others Criticize Travis Kelce on his past Campaign

Travis Kelce


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is coming in for a world of hate after it emerged he may have been paid 20 million dollars to endorse the controversial Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19.


Kelce has not been having a good season on the field which has made him an easy target for criticism, as has the relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.

Kelce was Pfizer’s spokesperson for their double shot for flu and COVID-19 vaccines campaign.

How much did Travis Kelce get from Pfizer?
With there being plenty of anti-vaccination sentiment in the United States of America following the coercive COVID-19 jab campaign, the discovery that he actually earned a lot of money from that gig has caused anger.

When you consider that he makes 14 million dollars per season for his work in the NFL, to get 20 million for those commercials is quite a remarkable amount of money.

You do not have to be anti-vaccination to question that news, as there are legitimate issues around a pharmaceutical company creating something deemed officially as essential, but having figures like 20 million dollars to spend on one face of the campaign is another matter.

One fan said: “Yeah lil bro sold his soul.”

Another said: “Vaccine must be slowing him down cause he looks horrible this year.” Similarly, another said: “No wonder he’s been so bad.”

One person suggested that he didn’t even believe in the product, saying: “Good God. He probably never got vacced either!”



UFC boss Dana White has taken aim at Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce for his endorsement of the COVID-19 vaccine created by Pfizer.

Both Kelce and the Chiefs as a whole have seen their form deteriorate in recent weeks and many fans have been quick to pile on the tight end, coming up with various reasons for his poor form.

Some fans have decided that his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift is the reason for the poor form, although that was always going to happen.

The latest person to have a pop at Kelce is Dana White, but it is more to do with his support for the Pfizer vaccine.

White criticizes Kelce
Earlier in the year, Kelce had appeared on an ad for Pfizer recommending that people take both the COVID and the flu shot.

There is a lot of anti-vaccine sentiment in the USA as a result of the heavy pressure and coercion people received to take the COVID jab in the last few years as well as its subsequent lack of effectiveness, and White has added to those sentiments.

“It’s insane. I don’t know him [Travis Kelce], I don’t know anything about him other than he’s a good football player. He’s getting a lot of attention right now. I don’t know why, unless he’s a believer, why would you promote that garbage? I don’t know why you would do it,” White said.

“It’s pretty fu**ing obvious we don’t need it. But like I say, to teach his own man. It’s like people that are still wearing masks, you’re basically just telling everybody, ‘Hey, I’m nuts. Hey, check me out, I’m fu**ing crazy.'”