What next for Jason Kelce? As Eagles center RETIRES from the NFL, will he focus on New Heights with Travis, become a TV analyst like Tom Brady… or stay in Philadelphia as a coach?

Jason Kelce announcing his retirement


Jason Kelce’s NFL career is officially over, after he announced his decision to step away at an emotional press conference on Monday lunchtime.


Jason Kelce on Field

After making the decision to hang up his cleats, the legendary center must weigh up what comes next as he prepares to embark on a new chapter for the first time in over a decade.

Kelce, 36, bows out as a Super Bowl winner, six-time All-Pro and future Hall-of-Fame inductee after his iconic 13-year stint in Philadelphia, where he spent the entirety of his NFL career.

So what will come next? Here, DailyMail.com takes a closer look at the options on the table for him in his post-football days…

Jason Kelce announcing his retirement

Newer Heights

Since launching in September 2022, Jason’s weekly podcast with his brother Travis has become a sporting and national phenomenon, with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s whirlwind romance with Taylor Swift quite literally taking it to new heights last year.

Over 2.3 million people are subscribed to the podcast on YouTube at the time of writing, and the NFL-star siblings have even discussed taking it overseas for a live show.

When discussing their popularity in Britain on the podcast, Travis told Jason: ‘We gotta get over there dude. I feel like if this is what’s going on in the UK, we gotta get a live show over there dude.’

His older brother then replied: ‘You ain’t gotta talk me into that, I’d be very down for that.’

With his football career now done and dusted, a New Heights world tour could be the perfect way for Jason to keep himself occupied in his first year away from the sport, as well as keep the tills ringing from a financial standpoint.

Nevertheless, after 13 years of abiding by a hectic and regimental football schedule, he may not be too keen on leaving his wife and their three children for a long period of time again just yet.

A global podcast trip with Travis could be one for later in 2024.

Role change in Philly

While his playing days may be over, Eagles fans are desperate for Kelce to stay in Philadelphia and take on a new role with the franchise as a coach.

At the start of the year, a number of supporters took to social media to call for him to transition into a new role, which could appeal to current head coach Nick Sirianni.

In fact, some are even pinpointing him as a future head coach himself.

One wrote: ‘#Eagles need to keep Jason Kelce around. Hopefully Asst Line Coach. May one day be a HC.’

Another said: ‘If Jason’s done. Keep [offensive line coach Jeff] Stout & hire Jason to be his understudy… then Jason can eventually continue the legacy…’


Speaking after their playoff defeat in January, Sirianni heaped praise on Kelce and insisted he will always have a place in Philadelphia.

‘I love him,’ he said about the center. ‘He’s special and I love him. He’s one of the most special guys I’ve been around. He’s always got a place here.’

If the thought of leaving the sport altogether proves too much to bear, coaching could offer Kelce a new lease of life.

Shift into commentary

Kelce has always been a natural in front of the camera, providing great insight and pulling no punches when carrying out his media duties over the years.

So could he follow Tom Brady into the television world later this year?

Brady is set to begin his new career as a FOX Sports analyst next season after putting pen to paper on a $375million contract with the network – and while he may not be paid as handsomely as the legendary quarterback, Kelce will almost certainly receive offers of his own after retiring.

If he wants to stay involved in football while avoiding the manic day-to-day schedule that comes with coaching, transitioning into TV could be a no brainer for him.

Adding Kelce to a broadcasting team which also features Brady is surely being contemplated by FOX, while the likes of ESPN, NBC and CBS will also be circling ahead of the 2024 season.

Business ventures

As one half of football’s most popular brotherly duo, the opportunities will be endless for Jason from a business standpoint with his football career now over.

Even during his playing days the former Cincinnati star has dipped his fingers into a number of pies; having collaborated on two Christmas albums – both titled ‘A Philly Special Christmas’ – in as many years alongside his New Heights podcast.

Amazon also released a feature-length documentary on his career and personal life in September of last year, while Kelce even launched his own ‘Underdog’ clothing line back in 2022.

As well as keeping his current businesses ticking over, there will undoubtedly be plenty more coming his way in his post-NFL chapter.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Jason’s managers are ‘constantly fielding offers in everything from business ventures to sponsorships and product endorsements.’

Even if he steers clear of football and a global New Heights tour, Kelce is likely to still be a busy man.