Watch Taylor Swift EMOTIONAL Reaction as she couldn’t hold her tears when she heard about Jason Kelce’s Retirement after bonding in Chiefs game and hoping to see him play next season

Jason Kelce retiring announcement


Jason and Travis Kelce were seen sharing an emotional embrace after the Eagles star paid a heartbreaking tribute to his younger brother in his retirement speech.


Jason Kelce announcing his retirement

Following 13 seasons in the NFL, during which he won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia and earned six first-team All-Pro nominations, the 36-year-old Eagles center called time on his career on Monday.

As emotional and tearful as he was in front of reporters during a press conference held by the Eagles, Jason said of the Chiefs tight end, who he lost to in Super Bowl LVII last year: ‘This is where its gonna go off the rails. I won’t forget falling short to the Chiefs and the conflicting feeling of the men’s heartbreak I had selfishly for myself and my teammates.

Travis Kelce crying as Jason Kelce announces his retirement

‘And at the same time, the amount of pride I had in my brother,’ he further pointed out, adding: ‘We have a small family. No cousins. One aunt and one uncle. It was really my brother and I our whole lives.

‘We did almost everything together. Competing, fought, laughed, cried and learned from each other. We invented games, imagined ourselves as the star players of that time. We envisioned making the game winning plays, day after day, on Coolridge Road. We won countless Super Bowls in our minds before ever leaving the house.’

Having been raised in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Jason recalled his kid brother’s impact early-on on his career, noting that without his support, he wouldn’t be often regarded as one of the greatest centers in NFL history. Travis shed a tear while his older brother announced his retirement.

Jason further said of his bond with his ‘lil’ bro”: ‘And when we weren’t playing, we were at the other’s one’ games. Butt seated in a long chair or bench, a Capri Sun in our hands that mom had packed, cheering during the game and waiting outside and afterward to celebrate a victory together. Or offer encouragement after a defeat.

Taylor Swift fans are convinced Jason Kelce’s tearful retirement speech was stacked with Swiftie-related Easter eggs just for them.

During the heartfelt announcement Monday afternoon, Kelce included two phrases that are also titles to Swift songs: “All Too Well” and “Wildest Dreams.”

He’s also retiring after his 13th season — Swift’s famously lucky number.

One NFL reporter even suggested that Kelce made eye contact with his brother Travis, who attended the news conference alongside the rest of the Kelce family, when he said “all too well.”

In the recent months since Travis and Swift’s relationship went public, the Kelce brothers have welcomed a surge of new fans into their corner.

When the Eagles’ season ended and Jason Kelce suggested to his teammates that retirement was looming, Swifties rushed to make fan edits, placing the lineman’s highlight reels and interview footage over Swift’s song, “Long Live.”

Swift, who is wrapping up the Singapore leg of her international Eras Tour, was not in attendance.

So how long until this new speech is turned into a fan edit? We’re betting the fans will be quick.