Watch VIRAL Videos as THOUSANDS try the Taylor Swift’s Brutal Workout CHALLENGE… ‘No one has been successful so far!… The BRUTAL Workout Routine is really causing FRENZY among GYM Enthusiast and Fans and is so hard to do, even Travis Kelce can’t do it for 30 minutes

Taylor Swift Brutal Workout


Taylor Swift’s workout routine is so brutal that it would make some people throw up while forcing others to lay down on the floor … so says the pop superstar’s trainer Kirk Myers.


Taylor Swift Brutal Workout

Myers revealed to Vogue the singer’s killer exercise regimen as he finally embraced his cool title as “Taylor Swift’s trainer” after a decade of working with her.

Myers provided a road map on how Taylor prepped for her global “Eras” tour, requiring her to perform for 3 hours and 15 minutes each show.

He says they choreographed her workout like a professional athlete with an “off-season” when she wasn’t touring and an “in-season” when she was performing.

Off-season training was rough … Taylor trained up to 6 days a week for about two hours each day. She zeroed in on improving her strength and conditioning while also focusing on core exercises for balance and stability, which would help her dance and maneuver onstage.

While she was on the road, Taylor dove into in-season training to maintain her stability, mobility and strength. She would do biomechanical stretches to strengthen her spine, soft tissues and other joints in her body.

Myers says Taylor was so committed to her exercise routine she would perform 4 concerts in a row with super intensity and still show up to the gym.

“Taylor is the most resilient person I have ever met,” Myers told Vogue, adding that she always persevered with each difficult challenge before moving on to the next exercise.

As a side note, the two first met through a mutual friend and, yes, Myers admitted he was already a big fan of Taylor and her music. Just another Swiftie!