Enough of the Swift scourge! – Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s The Dead Poets Department receives ANONYMOUS negative review from Paste Magazine over fears of Swiftie harassment

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift’s fans can be quite loyal and vocal — so much so that one magazine excluded a critic’s byline on a less-than-favorable review of the hitmaker’s new album The Tortured Poets Department.


Tortured Poets Cover

Paste Magazine cited safety reasons as the need for the review to be anonymous.

Writing on X (formerly known as Twitter) in an editor’s note, the publication stated, ‘There is no byline on this review due to how, in 2019 when Paste reviewed Lover, the writer was sent threats of violence from readers who disagree with the work.’

They ended the statement with, ‘We care more about the safety of our staff than a name attached to an article.’

The Tortured Poets Department Album Cover

Although the negative review was not likely to dissuade any of the millions of people who have already listened to the album since it dropped early Friday morning, it does offer up a hefty dose of criticism and accuses the Grammy winner of being unable to not ‘infantilize the very people who buy into her music and drive her successes upwards in the first place.’

The review also asserts that TTPD’s ‘title track features some of Swift’s worst lyricism to date.’

The writer had praise for But Daddy I Love Him, saying it ‘really lends its hand to the knack for awe-striking, stand-still melodies that Swift has long shown she has a finesse for.’

Much of the article seemed to take issue with whether Swift could be tortured while living a billionaire’s lifestyle.

‘If Swift can return to one of her dozen beach houses across the world, kick up her feet and say “I’m a poet of struggle,” then who is to say that millions — maybe billions — of people with access to a notes app and a social media account won’t dream that dream, too?’ they asked.

Fans were furious that the writer would not stand behind their words.

‘Where is the alleged “review” of the actual album? This is just pure ragebait vomit lol,’ wrote one angry fans.

‘The opening line about Sylvia Plath taking her life isn’t quirky and is extra tasteless when you add the moral digs at Taylor’s jet usage considering the writer clearly does not care to be empathetic unless it’s time to tear down Taylor in a “music review.”‘ penned another.

‘We want real journalist back not this gossip article,’ declared a fan.

At least one reader seemed to appreciate the controversial column.

‘Amazing article, paste magazine!!! So glad true journalists are telling the truth and not being afraid of denouncing the devil,’ the wrote.

Despite scoring somewhat less-positive reviews than her last three albums, according to Metacritic, The Tortured Poets Department was an immediate hit with consumers.

It sold around 1.4 million copies on Friday and surpassed the record set by 1989 (Taylor’s version) to become her biggest US album to date.

The LP was streamed on Spotify more than 300 million times in a single day.

It became the first album to cross the 200 million and 300 million stream mark, according to the platform.

Fortnight, the first single featuring Post Malone, also broke records for the most streamed song in a single day.

Swift wrote ‘All’s Fair in Love and Poetry,’ but topping the charts while hanging out at one of her beach houses may be the best revenge after a bad review.