Travis Kelce’s Ex-Girlfriend Turning Heads On her Vacation on a Yacht, even Travis Kelce won’t be able to resist… Fans BLAST Travis for leaving this beauty for Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and Kayla Nicole


Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates visited the White House as Super Bowl champions for the second time in as many years on Friday, taking the trip that nearly every championship team does to meet the sitting president.


Kayla Nicole on a Yacht

Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole also enjoyed her weekend, and she posted a series of photos from her most recent vacation on Instagram.

“Boat days are a form of therapy I vehemently stand by,” Nicole said in the caption to her post.

She wore a blue swimsuit and a pair of jeans on the boat as she posed for photos with friends.

Nicole and her friends threw a football around, as she showed in a clip included in her post.

Another person approaches the boat and throws Nicole the football, and she eventually makes the catch after having a small amount of trouble.

The post inspired some of Nicole’s followers, as one commenter said that they would “be back in the gym on Monday.”

Kayla Nicole on a Yacht

“I’ve missed seeing your fun and positive energy!,” said another commenter.

“damn girl, imma put the food down!!,” said one comment.

Kelce and Nicole dated for a number of years before breaking up in 2023.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has moved on to international popstar Taylor Swift, who has become a fixture at Chiefs games.

Swift attended games in the regular season, playoffs and ever made her way to the Super Bowl shortly after playing a sold-out concert on the other side of the world.

Swift, Kelce and Nicole all seem to be thriving, and as Kelce and Swift continue to enjoy their relationship, Nicole appears to be enjoying the single life all the same.