Is Travis Kelce More Than Just an NFL Star? Secret Service Badge Raises Eyebrows! – Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship has been a BIG LIE for the past few months of their WILD Relationship

Travis Kelce at the White House


Travis Kelce appeared to jokingly be wearing a Secret Service badge on his blazer when he visited the White House on Friday to mark Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl again.


Chiefs at the White House

The 34-year-old Chiefs star was invited to take the mic by President Biden during the trip on Friday afternoon, after Biden made remarks on the White House’s South Lawn about the team’s success and the tragedy of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade shooting, that ended with the death of one woman and injuries to 22 others.

After he gave his speech, the President joked: ‘I’d have Travis come up here but God only knows what he’d say,’ before inviting Kelce up to the mic anyway.

‘My fellow Americans, it’s nice to see you all again,’ Kelce joked briefly – a flashback to the year prior when he tried taking the mic at the event.

Chiefs at the White House

‘I’m not gonna lie President Biden, they told me if I came up here I’d get tased so I’m gonna go back to my spot,’ Kelce said, before shaking Biden’s hand.

It is unclear if Kelce bought the badge with him or if someone gave it to him as a gift upon his visit, but he seemed to be the only Chiefs player with one.

The badge was also picked up on by the ‘Style by Kelce’ Instagram page, which reveals the brands and the cost of Kelce’s outfits, whenever he is seen wearing anything other than Chiefs colors.

Biden appeared to enjoy having the Chiefs there, too. As well as joking with Kelce, he also put on a Chiefs helmet at one stage of the visit.

‘It was cool to see him put the helmet on,’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters after the celebration on the South Lawn. ‘We didn’t expect that.’

Coach Andy Reid speculated that Biden might have been the first president to wear an NFL helmet.

‘You all witnessed it. It’s history being made,’ said Reid, who appeared with Mahomes.

It’s a long-standing tradition for championship sports teams to be invited to the White House and it’s the second year in a row that the Chiefs made the trip to Washington D.C.

The Chiefs have won the Super Bowl three times in the past five years, most recently against the the 49ers in Las Vegas back in February.

In 2023, they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, first lady Jill Biden’s favorite football team. She grew up near Philadelphia and attended the game.

Kansas City also defeated San Francisco to claim the 2020 Super Bowl title.

Next season, Kelce and his Chiefs team are competing for an unprecedent Super Bowl ‘three-peat’ in the NFL.

The campaign begins on September 5 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City with a hugely exciting showdown against Baltimore Ravens.