Travis Kelce Gives More Details on New Year’s Celebration With Taylor Swift and His Mum on the latest Episode of ‘New Heights’

Jason and Travis Kelce podcast


The NFL star gushes over his game day on the latest episode of ‘New Heights.’


Travis Kelce had a “fun” New Year’s Eve with the help of more than 50 of his nearest and dearest — including Taylor Swift and his mom, Donna Kelce. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end closed out 2023 with a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.

“It was fun, and then we all got to celebrate New Year’s together,” he tells his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, on the duo’s latest episode of their New Heights podcast.

“It was cool, man, to have all the friends and family. I think I had over 50 to 55 people come in for this one,” Travis says of the game day support. “Yeah, a good New Year’s celebration with all the friends and fam.”

He adds, “And I got to exchange presents with Mama Kelc.”

Donna previously celebrated Christmas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Jason and his family — including wife Kylie Kelce and daughters Wyatt, 4; Elliotte, 2; and Bennett, 10 months.

Travis doesn’t reveal exactly what he received from Mama Kelce for the holiday, teasing that Jason would be getting a similar gift and he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. Whatever it is, Jason will presumably like it better than the high-end velour tracksuit Travis previously gifted him. The 36-year-old athlete admits on Wednesday’s show that he doesn’t plan to wear the set “that frequently” after rocking it ahead of his own New Year’s Eve game.

“I appreciate it though,” he concedes. “It was a good gift.”

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing you walk in in a velour jumpsuit with a Louis Vuitton duffel bag,” Travis replies. “I appreciate you dressing as me for New Year’s game.”

Earlier this week, Travis raved about his girlfriend’s pre-game fit as she arrived at the stadium in a custom bomber jacket adorned with Chiefs and NFL insignia. It closely mirrored a nearly identical one that he wore one week prior at his Christmas Day game.

Travis couldn’t help but shout out his support on social media, commenting on a post from designer Jeff Hamilton with a series of fire and raised hand emojis.

As for his team’s showing on the field, the 34-year-old Chiefs star was thrilled.

“It’s probably the first game I’ve had in a while where the energy felt right on the sideline,” he shares. “The excitement for everybody’s success, not just out there trying to do your job, and guys were making plays.”

After the win, Travis and Taylor stepped out together to attend a festive party together. In fan-captured video, the two are seen kissing as the clock strikes midnight.

ET exclusively spoke to digital creator Lyric Sheree, a party guest who shared her firsthand experience at the star-studded event.

“I view them as a fresh couple. So, it always gives good vibes when you’re starting out to date, and they look very happy. Taylor looked super happy. I didn’t feel any type of bad chemistry between those two. I feel like they’re a really cute couple, and they have good energy together.”

Describing the night as “epic,” Sheree revealed that she, Travis, and Taylor left the private event at the same time, emphasizing the calm and private atmosphere.

“There was no type of fan-out energy there. Everyone’s just like, time to go home. It was friends and family there, there were moms there. It was very private, so it was just alright, you know, we’re out and that was it,” she explained.