Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce won’t be Playing the Next Game: “Coach Reid Reveals”

Coach Reid Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes


Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has confirmed that star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, alongside other starters, won’t be playing in Week 18 against the Los Angeles Chargers, as he stated on press conference earlier today.



Reid will start veteran backup QB Blaine Gabbert, who will be making his first start in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform, and also will be his first for any team since the 2018 season. He signed with the team back in April 2023 for a one-year contract.


Kansas City Chiefs

Will Kelce play on Week 18?
The Chiefs have already clinched the AFC’s no. 3 seed this season, giving some starters time to rest before the start of the NFL playoffs. It is unknown at the moment if Travis Kelce will also be rested, as he is 16 yards shy of reaching 1,000 receiving yards for the 8th season in a row, sitting at 984.

Per Mackenzie Webb, Gabbert confidently said that ‘he will do whatever he can to help Kelce to reach 1,000 yards’, but he also stated that is coach Reid’s decision to make if the tight end plays or not.

The Chiefs have a 10-6 record, sitting first in the AFC West. However, the current Super Bowl champions are not in their best form, losing 3 of their last 5 games.