Travis Kelce Frustrated Over Leaked Vacation Photos with Taylor Swift ‘Can’t you all leave us alone to ourselves and get a life.. leave us alone’

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift time together


Kansas City Chiefs’ player Travis Kelce is not thrilled about photos that have surfaced online showing him and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, at the beach.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Kissing at the beach

Kelce, who recently won his third Super Bowl title, is taking a break and enjoying quality time with Swift, who is currently on a break from her Eras Tour.

The couple was spotted in the Bahamas, with paparazzi capturing images of them on the beach. Kelce was seen relaxing with a more relaxed offseason physique, while Swift was praised for her appearance in a revealing swimsuit.

Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce is apparently not happy about the recent circulation of photos showing his less-than-toned physique.

Kelce made his feelings known during a podcast conversation with his brother Jason Kelce and new Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley, expressing his displeasure with the attention his stomach has received.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Bahamas Pictures

Kelce humorously remarked that it’s still March and joked that they were all in the same weight class at the moment.

The Kelce brothers were engaged in a dispute over who could consume more drinks after being questioned by Barkley, with both unwilling to back down.

Travis acknowledged that he has been indulging in more drinks than usual recently, which he believes is justified given the successful season he just experienced.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift after Lunch Date

He plans to enjoy a few more weeks of drinking and quality time with his partner Taylor before the NFL offseason activities commence.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs are determined to secure another victory this year as they aim to achieve an unprecedented Super Bowl three-peat.

This pursuit may be the only factor keeping Travis Kelce from retiring, suggesting that he will likely intensify his training efforts in the near future.