Taylor Swift reveals she will join boyfriend Travis and his brother Jason Kelce in a drinking contest – ‘This will be the greatest CLASH’ – And Taylor says she will be winning despite Travis having the highest chance of winning

Travis and Jason Kelce and Taylor Swift drinking contest


Travis and Jason Kelce fiercely debated who would win a drinking contest between them and laid down the challenge to each other on New Heights this week.


Travis Kelce drinking

The brothers welcomed new Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley onto the show following his free agency move from the New York Giants.

Towards the end of the interview, Barkley asked the brothers who would come out on top in a drinking contest.

Jason Kelce wild scream

Being the competitive animals they are, both brothers backed themselves to beat the other and Travis was particularly adamant that the now-retired Jason’s best days were behind him.

But Jason insisted he had more ‘heart’ than his brother and his drunken antics during the Kansas City Chiefs’ playoff run last season was proof that he had plenty left in the tank.

Barkley bravely asked the two who would come out on top and it sparked a fierce debate between the Kelce boys.

Travis replied: ‘At a drinking contest? I’m pretty sure I’ve beaten Jason the last three to five times.’

Jason: ‘This is completely made up. I can definitely drink more volume. I don’t even think that’s a question.

Travis: ‘Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You’re already down to 260 pounds. We’re the same weight class now.’

Jason: ‘I know but you don’t have the heart that I do when it comes to drinking. You’re more ingrained. You’ve been drinking more than I have.’

Travis: ‘He (Jason) hasn’t stayed out past 10pm since 2017.’

Jason: ‘Did you not see me at your playoff games this year?’

Travis: ‘Do you remember any of that?’

Jason: ‘No because I was drinking all day. We’re going to have to get to the bottom of this. Drinking games, I will destroy him because I’ve got the mental advantage.

‘Beer pong I’m not beating you, for sure no. The last time we shotgunned one, Travis cheated. Did we shotgun one after the Bills game? I don’t remember much at the end of the Bills game.’

Travis: ‘It’s on like Donkey Kong motherf***er. We’re going to enter ourselves into this drinking contest, maybe at the show or something.’

Kelce stole the headlines during most of Travis’ playoff games in the winter. He went shirtless and downed beers alongside Taylor Swift in Buffalo before putting his feet up in Las Vegas and dominating the post-game parties around the strip.

They would not let the issue rest there, however. As they prepared to end the show, Jason insisted he would start practicing for the challenge and revealed the high praise he received from Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Las Vegas.

The newly-retired center said: ‘I’m going to be practicing my drinking skills now just to make sure I whoop your a**.

Travis: ‘I don’t even have to practice. It’s just what I do.

Jason: ‘I was the MVP at Cincinnati of drinking games. I still think I got it. You’re saying I haven’t got it anymore? I peaked in college?

Travis: ‘If you’re not riding a bike, if you’re not out there on skates then you don’t know how to skate the same.

Jason: ‘I think I proved in the postseason that I’ve still got what it takes. Pat Mahomes even said I was the MVP of the post-Super Bowl party.

Travis: ‘God damn it Pat. Feeding this man this nonsense.’