Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes explodes during the Raiders vs Chiefs game: will this affect their plans this Christmas

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce


Emotions run wild on the Chiefs vs Raiders


Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs facing the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day has not gone the way that Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce expected it. As it is seen in the replay, both Chiefs are frustrated and want to win, meanwhile, they were caught on camera yelling at the players and throwing a helmet on the sidelines.

After a fake punt attempt, when the the Raiders scored 14 points on defensive touchdowns in 7 seconds, Travis Kelce was visibly upset, although the microphone was not on, it was not necessary hear what he said right before taking off his helmet and throwing it on the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes expressed his dissatisfaction to his offensive line by yelling at them with a strong demeanor. Patrick is used to his team responding under pressure, which is probably why he is pressuring to win the game against the Raiders.

Patrick Mahomes shouting

Every time the Kansas City Chiefs play, all eyes are on Patrick and Brittany Mahomes, along with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

So all the attention on and off the field may increase the pressure of performing as champions and playing like a Super Bowl team.

After Kelce’s helmet throwing, the staff wanted to give the famous player his helmet back, however, coach Andy Reid interviened. The legendary coach spoke to Kelce to cool him down and get it together, then sent him back to the offensive line to be with the team.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce has Taylor Swift there to stay cool, calm and collected, however, much of the post-game fun will be attached to whether or not they win the game in Las Vegas.