Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance inspired online retailer for AI-generated Christmas sweaters and its selling fast

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Swifties are feeling the warmth of Taylor’s love for Travis this holiday season.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Online retailer Etsy is filled with ugly Christmas sweaters artists have made to commemorate the budding romance of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Etsy shop owner Sadie Bella Melton of Ardmore, OK, created two, depicting the celebrity couple in a “Walmart-style Christmas portrait,” and has already sold 55 to fans all over the country.

AI Generated Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Shirt

She said she was inspired by Kelce’s romantic gesture of putting his number on one of Swift’s signature friendship bracelets.

AI Generated Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Shirt

“I just thought that was the most adorable, sexy thing that I have ever heard of a man doing,” she told The Post.

“The thought of this big football player fumbling with this little bracelet, putting his number on there, I mean, it just really inspired me.”

To generate the photos of the pair’s faces, she got a little help from AI.

“I’ve discovered that the AI bot really likes Taylor Swift,” she said. “But Travis, I kind of had to work with a little bit and get it to look like him. It was funny.”

Melton, 50, priced the sweaters at $69.98, which is 45% higher than what they cost to produce — and said she could most likely get even more for them.

“That way I have room to run sales,” she explained. “I could probably mark it up more, but I really want to keep it affordable.”