The View Host Whoopi Goldberg invites Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to be guest on the show and they will be making an appearance… Whoopi reveals she’s a also a Swiftie and will be directly asking the questions that all swifties want to ask but no opportunity…. Millions of Swifties are in UPROAR and have marked the date!

The View Hosts and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


A popular internet conspiracy theory appeared to be a step too far for ‘The View’ co-host.


The View Hosts

Whoopi Goldberg appears to be exhausted by the seemingly never-ending stream of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce chatter.

The View co-host engaged with the topic at first during her Jan. 31 show, but she seemed to reach her limit when her fellow co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, mentioned the “Blank Space” singer again.

Goldberg, 68, was game to address a recent rant by Fox Sports Radio’s Colin Cowherd, who defended Swift against the “weird, lonely, insecure men” who are frustrated by how NFL broadcasts show her attending games in support of her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end.

The View played a clip of the sportscaster’s comments as Goldberg acknowledged that the “outrage” some people experience simply by seeing Swift in the stands at NFL stadiums “keeps getting louder.”

After a roundtable discussion about the Swift-Kelce outrage, The View shifted to a conversation with Bryce Dallas Howard, who stars in director Matthew Vaughan’s new spy action film Argylle. The interview presented Griffin with another opportunity to mention Swift as she referenced a conspiracy theory floating around the internet about the film’s protagonist. Griffin explained how the theory posits that Elly Conway, whom Howard plays, is “actually a pseudonym for Taylor Swift.”

It was then that Goldberg began laughing and leaned her head down on the table in front of her. “Oh my god,” she said.

Howard assured The View’s audience that Swift “did not write Argylle,” though she agreed the pop star does often wear argyle patterns.

This isn’t the first time that Goldberg has appeared exhausted by the Swift-Kelce romance—and with the Chiefs now heading to the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, it won’t be the last she hears of them.