Prince Harry and Meghan Markle brutally nicknamed ‘Ginge and Whinge’ in latest blow

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Prince Harry faces brutal TV attack after latest reports state he once believed that he was at “greater risk” than his late mother, Princess Diana.


Meghan and Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been brutally nicknamed ‘Ginge and Whinge’ in latest TV attack over resurfaced claims about his safety.

It has been reported that the Duke of Sussex once believed he was at “greater risk” than his late mother, Princess Diana – especially with the “additional layers of racism and extremism”.

The 39-year-old was dealt a massive blow earlier this week as it was revealed that he had lost his legal battle for tax-payer-funded security protection when visiting the UK.

Paul Burrell – a former royal butler who worked alongside the late Princess Diana for 11 years – has told GB News: “I think quite frankly the British public are sick and tired of ‘ginge and whinge’ and wish they would stay in America because if you stayed there, you wouldn’t have to suffer the indignity of coming to Britain.”

After being asked whether he would be at “greater risk” than his late mother, Ms Burrell simply said: “Patrick, honestly. Doesn’t this just illustrate the fact that Harry is full of his own self-importance and he has an inflated ego and it’s egotistical of him to think that he was in a greater risk than his mother.”

Mr Burrell also slams Harry’s claims that the decision regarding his security was done “without his knowledge”.

He said: “…and to say now that this was done without his knowledge is quite frankly wrong.

“It’s once again one of Harry’s truths and why should the British taxpayer put the bill for the security of an American celebrity visiting Britain.”

Mr Burrell also reiterated that it was Harry’s decision to step down as a working royal – and to leave the UK.

The former butler told host Patrick Christy: “Can I just remind you that Harry chose to leave the Royal Family, it was his decision.

“I think that it’s an arrogant position to think that he is so important, he wanted to leave the Royal Family.”

Since losing the court case on Wednesday, it has been reported that Harry is planning on appealing the decision.

Speaking to Express US, a royal author has argued that Prince Harry’s security detail appeal would fail not only in the High Court but in the court of public opinion.

The Duke has been urged to not set about appealing to decision as it could leave him even more unfavourable with the British public.

Royal author Pauline Maclaran said: “However, there is no doubt he is not having a good run at present, although I think he is likely to appeal over the recent decision on his level of security in the UK.”

“I don’t think he is assessing the British public’s mood well in that if he were to win this case eventually, there would be a lot of angry feelings about the (mis)use of taxpayers’ money.”