Jason Kelce rejects the Christmas gift his brother Travis Kelce got for him

Travis and Jason Kelce


Jason Kelce got a little ahead of himself while discussing Christmas presents with his brother Travis Kelce on their podcast, New Heights.


Travis and Jason Kelce


During the new episode released on Wednesday, Dec. 27, the two professional football players were discussing team gifts when Travis revealed what he got for his fellow Kansas City Chiefs players. After, Jason shared his honest opinion on the gift, only for Travis to share that it was also his gift for him too.

Travis first described the present, telling his older brother, “This year, I just teamed up with my guy Daniel Patrick, who’s a designer out in LA, and got everybody velour jumpsuits.”

“Nice comfy cozy,” he went on. “This winter, everybody could just enjoy a nice velour top and bottom… It’s so good.”

But Jason noted that he isn’t exactly a fan of the fabric material, saying, “I don’t know why [but] I don’t like velour. That blanket material that a lot of people like — I’m not a fan.”

As he said this, Travis started laughing, before surprising Jason by telling him, “I got you one too.”

Jason quickly reversed his opinion, telling his little brother as Travis kept laughing, “Well, actually, if it’s from you, I’ll like it…I was saying, if it’s not done right, they just don’t feel right.”

Luckily, Travis appeared to understand, replying, “I know exactly what you’re saying. This one’s done right though.” In the end, Jason admitted that he likes cashmere and wool more, with the two brothers debating clothing materials for a bit.

Fans also got a laugh out of the interaction, as a top comment read, “Jason saying he doesn’t like velour and then Travis saying he got him one too 😂😂😂😂,” while someone else replied to compliment Jason’s quick correction, saying, “Love how he followed up with, ‘But if its from you, I’ll like it!’. Good catch, Jason!”

“I just spit my damn drink out when Travis said ‘well I got you one, too.’ 😁,” wrote another.

After the funny moment, the Kelce brothers went on to share what their teammates got as gifts, with a few standout mentions being personal golf carts and a flamethrower.