EXCLUSIVE: Travis Kelce’s Mom’s Cold Reaction That Made Fans Believe She Doesn’t Like Billionaire Taylor Swift romance with her Son Travis

Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are an instant hit as a couple. They both share a diaphanous bond that the couple cherishes with each other. Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs line up against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl.


Taylor Swift Hugs Donna Kelce

Taylor is expected to cheer on her beau from the stands and take a break from her Eras tour.

The whole world is in a frenzy for the power couple. But let’s see how Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, instinctively feels about her son’s relationship with the world-famous pop star. Donna Kells approves of Taylor and Travis’ relationship. He publicly testified to his son’s relationship with Swift by blessing Taylor with a #87 jersey ring.

They were also seen cheering for Kells in the stands together. Donna Kells also updated her Facebook cover photo to include a family photo that includes Taylor. Donna Kells has had a busy start to the year, which has also landed her a deal with Ziploc. Taylor’s association with them also brought them much limelight.


Travis Kells’ mother, Donna Kells, advises her son to take it easy on his relationship with Taylor
Although Donna Kells gave Taylor and Travis’ relationship a big thumbs up, she advised the couple to slow down a bit. He wants their relationship to grow naturally out of the public domain. Only then will they be able to turn their relationship into something significant. Undue limelight can bring a lot of adversity for the couple.

Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift

The superstar is usually seen discussing football games in the stands with Travis’ mother. Taylor spent her Christmas with the Kells family this year where Ed Kells also made an appearance. Initially, Donna made some comments that were not very supportive of the couple. He was not jealous of the blossoming relationship.

When asked about her first meeting with Taylor, Donna said, “I don’t like to talk about it. It was one of those things where obviously everyone saw me.“It was an insult to Swift. Later, Donna also admitted that she was wrong to make such a comment. Now the Kells family has accepted Taylor wholeheartedly.


When did Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s parents meet for the first time?
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s parents met for the first time at a game between the Chiefs and Eagles. It was a very heart warming family reunion. The couple’s parents, Andrea Swift and Scott Swift and Donna Kells and Ed Kells, met for the first time leading up to their relationship. The Chiefs won this match against the Eagles.

During this meeting, Travis and Talor’s father have a friendly chat with each other. The game also saw the Kells brothers reunite on the field. Travis and Swift have now taken their relationship a step further, but they don’t seem to have any engagement plans listed as of now. The couple is cherishing some casual and friendly time with each other.