Will Travis Kelce join Taylor Swift in Australia after the Super Bowl? Here’s a STRONG reason why he will

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is set to touch down in Australia later this month for the Aussie leg of her Eras tour.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour

So it’s no surprise that fans are speculating whether or not the Style songstress will be joined Down Under by her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Kelce, 34, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, is currently preparing to play in the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 11, 2024 (which will air on Monday, February 12 in Australia).

His training schedule is so strict that he can’t even accompany Swift, 34, to the Grammys this weekend.

‘I wish I could go and support Taylor at the Grammys and watch her win every single award that she is nominated for,’ he told The Pat McAfee Show this week.

‘But I think I’ve got practice on Sunday, or it is a travel day? No, I’ve got practice on Saturday, Sunday is a travel day. I’ve got to get ready for this big old Super Bowl.’

Fortunately, the Australian leg of Swift’s Eras tour doesn’t kick off until February 16 – several days after the Super Bowl.

Fans are now wondering if Travis will accompany his A-list girlfriend Down Under.

‘I have a feeling Travis will be in Australia by Valentine’s Day and him and Taylor are gonna do something so special,’ gushed one Swiftie on X.

‘Everyone is asking about Taylor making it to the Super Bowl. The real question is, will Travis be going to Australia with her after the Super Bowl??’ asked another.

‘Travis Kelce better be on the flight to Australia with Taylor after the Super Bowl if she is traveling from her tour in Japan to the Super Bowl before going all the way down to Australia,’ added one.

Swift will arrive in Australia in February to perform seven sold out shows, with the expected revenue reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

The pop star’s Aussie tour is set to benefit many Australians in unexpected ways, with countless Swifties forking out big bucks on costumes and accessories for her show.

‘The spend on fashion and craft supplies in the lead-up to the concert are additional to the usual visitor expenditure bundle,’ a representative for economist Deloitte told Nine.

They added that a jaw-dropping $220million was expected to be spent by Australian Swifties excited about seeing their idol perform live.

In addition to the millions of dollars spent on tickets, interstate fans will spend big travelling to shows, booking hotels, buying food and drinks, and merchandise.

An estimated $126million has already been spent by fans on concert tickets and, when combined with the additional $220million, Aussies are spending a whopping $346million on Swift’s 2024 Eras Tour in Australia.

Meanwhile, Travis recently revealed that he and Taylor had been dating for a month prior to her first appearance at a Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears in September, as he described his relationship with the pop star as a ‘beautiful thing’ on ESPN’s Pat McAfee Show.

‘We had known each other for close to a month up to that point,’ Kelce said.

‘It wasn’t just out of the blue, “Hey, come to the game”,’ he added.

While reflecting over the hate and criticism from fans at the start of his relationship with Taylor, Kelce – a two-time Super Bowl champ – preferred to keep a simple view on love.

‘It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it,’ he said of his romance with the singer. ‘And hopefully everybody realizes we’re two people in a relationship supporting each other and having fun with it. It’s nothing more than that.

‘How much the world wants to paint the picture and make us the enemy, we just have fun with it. And we just have fun with it. We just enjoy every single bit of it.

‘Sure enough, I love it when Taylor comes and supports me and enjoys the game with the fam and friends. It’s been a wonderful year, man.’