Watch Viral Video as Millions of Fans are ANNOYINGLY BLASTING Travis Kelce as he was too drunk to lead a Rendition at the Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade “He’s a bad role model…”

Travis Kelce Sings drunk


A boozy Travis Kelce had to be held up by his Chiefs teammates on stage at their Super Bowl parade in Kansas City.


Travis Kelce sings drunk

Kelce, who helped the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday, tried to lead a drunken rendition of Garth Brooks’ 1990 country hit ‘Friends In Low Places’ after being passed the mic in front of thousands of adoring supporters.

At the start of the song he tweaked one of Brooks’ lyrics to aim a dig at San Francisco, singing: ‘Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots, and ruined the Niners’ affair.’

But after a day of partying back in Kansas City, the celebrations appeared to take their toll on Kelce as he struggled to get his words out and finish the rest of the song.

The likes of Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones were even forced to step in and prevent him from falling over at one stage, before eventually taking the mic from their groggy teammate.

Kelce is letting his hair down and drinking in the Chiefs’ triumph after they became the first team to retain the Super Bowl for almost 20 years on Sunday night.

He played his part in their victory over the Niners with girlfriend Taylor Swift watching on, before they joined a number of his teammates and celebrities for a wild afterparty in Vegas.

Less than 72 hours later they returned to Kansas City for Wednesday’s parade, where Andy Reid’s team have continued their boozy celebrations.

Yet shortly after his drunken antics, Kelce and his teammates left the stage just before gunshots were heard at the Chiefs’ parade.

Two gunmen have been detained after shots rang out in Kansas City, sending thousands fleeing as the celebration descended into chaos.
Fans were seen scrambling from the scene, with at least one person wheeled away in a stretcher. It is unclear how many people may have been shot.



Reports indicate at least multiple people were shot, and two armed assailants have been detained.

Police said they were releasing all of those inside Union Square around 15 minutes after the shooting unfolded.

Thousands of Chiefs fans had lined the streets in Kansas City to welcome their team home after their second straight Super Bowl success.

It is the third time in five years that the city has come to a standstill to celebrate their team’s victory, yet thousands of people still skipped work and school to give them a heroes’ welcome.

After decades without a championship, the city is gaining experience with victory parades. Five seasons ago, the Chiefs defeated the 49ers for the team’s first Super Bowl title in 50 years. That followed the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series in 2015, the city’s first baseball championship in 30 years. That year, fans abandoned their cars on the side of the highway so they could walk to the celebration.

Then, last year, the Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 and prophetically vowed they would be back for more.