Watch Viral Footage as Video shows Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes ignoring women dancing nearby in Vegas – “They really fear their women”

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes at Las Vegas Party


Travis Kelce can be seen living it up with Patrick Mahomes in new footage from their weekend in Las Vegas – which appears to shows the Kansas City Chiefs duo ignoring the advances of women nearby.


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes ignore women advances at Las Vegas Party

Kelce jetted back to Vegas, where he and Mahomes won the Super Bowl earlier this month, over the weekend to continue the celebrations with his teammates after visiting girlfriend Taylor Swift in Australia.

The Kansas City tight end was spotted glugging champagne surrounded by scantily-clad women on Saturday, while even dancing along to Swift’s ‘Love Story’ hit at one stage.

And in a new clip which has emerged on social media, Kelce and Mahomes are seen partying in a Vegas nightclub while ignoring a number of women dancing in close proximity.

The NFL stars enjoyed a night out at the Wynn Hotel’s XS Nightclub, where Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter John Katsilometes captured them throwing some shapes on the dancefloor.

At one stage of the video two mystery women appear to dance towards Travis and Patrick, only for the pair to keep their distance before turning their attention elsewhere.

Fans were quick to take aim at the girls in the clip for seemingly making a beeline for the taken players, with one writing: ‘You know damn well they have a partner – back up, ladies!’

Another put: ‘That girl was trying to dance with Mahomes and he slowly backed away’.

A third said: ‘Instead of talking about the guys, we all need to talk about the two girls trying to dance with them when they know exactly who they are. And they know that one is married and one is taken.’

While one joked about Patrick, who is married to long-time partner Brittany: ‘Lmao, Mahomes used to escaping from pressure inside the pocket.’



However, others pointed to Kelce and Mahomes for putting themselves into the situation.

One wrote about Kelce and his relationship with world-famous pop star Swift: ‘Bruh you smarter than that.. Stay away u got a billi!’

Another commented: ‘At some point in your life, you just don’t need to put yourself if those types of situations.’

While one claimed: ‘Had no business being there in first place. Their choice. Plenty other places to eat n drink’.

Kelce returned to Vegas for another round of parties after being set a list of strict rules by Swift to abide by in their relationship.

Six months into their relationship, the songstress reportedly feels she’s in a position to be able to lay down the law and establish some ground rules.

Travis is believed to be on board with most of the rules but some reportedly have him rolling his eyes.

One of Taylor’s new rules prohibits the Super Bowl winner from going to strip clubs, which he is ‘fine’ with, but another banning him from posing with female fans left him exasperated, a source told Life & Style.

The football player appears to understand Taylor’s need and talent for shaping her $1.1billion public image but reportedly sometimes feels the need to draw the line.

‘He has no interest in playing a calculated media game if it’s going to make him think twice about every move he makes. That’s not his style,’ adds the source.