Watch Video as Travis Kelce gives a BRILLIANT answer when asked why MILLIONS of people are obsessed with him and Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift in Tokyo was very Impressed with his Response

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


In a break from the typical questions about Sunday’s big game, one journalist went rogue and asked some of the team’s biggest stars about their pop knowledge.


Travis Kelce

Of course, all eyes were on Kelce and whether he was able to complete the lyrics to one of his girlfriend’s biggest songs – Karma.

The reporter in question challenged him by singing ‘Karma is the guy on the…’, before waiting for Kelce to respond.

Without skipping a beat, the superstar tight end replied: ‘Chiefs… of course!’, drawing laughter from the watching crowd.

Not content, though, the reporter followed up with the next line of the song, singing: ‘Coming straight…’

Kelce at that point appeared stumped, and decided instead to ask ‘what was the second question?’ rather than finish that line with ‘home to me’.

Karma is a Swift song widely associated with Kelce after he traveled to Argentina to watch an Eras Tour show, and she changed the lyrics to mention him.

What would usually be ‘Karma is the guy on the screen’ was changed to ‘Karma is the guy on the Chiefs’, leading to her fans going crazy, and Kelce himself caught on camera beaming at the gesture alongside the singer’s dad Scott.

Shortly after, Patrick Mahomes took to the stage in Vegas and he too was cornered by the same reporter, who sung to him: ‘It’s me…’