Watch Jason Kelce’s HILLARIOUS dance moves and other funny moments at the Chiefs Super Bowl Win After Party

Jason Kelce Hilarious Dance


Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs might have been the reason for Sunday night’s Super Bowl after party in Las Vegas, but his brother Jason Kelce was the life of it.


Jason Kelce after Party

On the latest episode of their New Heights podcast, the Kelce brothers laughed until they could barely speak while talking about Jason’s antics at the club that night.

Initially, Jason said he was trying to play it cool and give his brother and the rest of the Chiefs players their space during the party out of respect as they got to celebrate winning the Super Bowl.

But after Jason, 36, had a few drinks and discovered an abandoned luchador wrestling mask laying on the dance floor? Game over.

“I picked it up and was like, ‘Oh hell yes,’ “ Jason recalled, making Travis, 34, crack up as he told the story.

“It didn’t really start getting to the next level until I found that luchador mask,” the father of three said. “There’s something about finding that luchador mask that really just transformed the night. It was like I transformed.”

After finding the mask, Jason began dancing with everyone: Travis and his girlfriend Taylor Swift; Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes; Marshmello, who was performing a DJ set at the party, and even all by his lonesome at points.

Travis could barely breathe while he recalled his brother’s antics at the party.

The three-time Super Bowl champion was gasping for air while telling listeners about seeing a series of videos others took at the club, showing him and girlfriend Taylor Swift sharing a heartfelt moment together and then quickly panning over to Jason dancing in the mask by himself across the room.

“On this side there’s two people in love and enjoying the moment together,” Jason laughed. “And then you’re panning to a complete neanderthal who is no longer connected to modern day society.”

Jason’s beard “perfectly came out” of the bottom of the mask, Travis told listeners.

“Oh my gosh dude,” Travis said, catching his breath.

Meanwhile, Jason began to describe the “belly dance” he kept performing throughout the night: “It’s just going with the motion, letting the belly take control. The belly momentum, oh yeah! It’s like a pendulum.”

The brothers’ conversation was sparked by a fan who wrote into the show to ask how “electric” the Super Bowl afterparty was on Sunday night, after the Chiefs pulled off a dramatic 25-22 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers to notch their third Super Bowl title in five years.

Travis joked that the first non-alcoholic drink he had all week was while he was recording the podcast. But added that his post-game drinking might not compare to Jason’s partying, according to Travis.

“Nobody parties better than Jason Kelce,” Travis said. “It was electric having my big brother around.”