Watch FULL Interview Video going VIRAL: Coco Gauff Picks Kendrick Lamar in Rap Beef After Drake Dissed Serena Williams – ‘I have to go with Kendrick….’


Coco Gauff is the latest of many who have taken a definitive stance in the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake feud. Yesterday Tennis star Naomi Osaka planted her flag on Kendrick’s side, stating he won the beef.


Coco Gauff

Osaka also urged the rapper to drop another diss record because “Not Like Us” was so good.

Now her fellow Tennis star Coco Gauff has chosen a side in the feud. Coco has chosen Kendrick Lamar as the winner, and it’s for good reason.

Coco Gauff’s decision to side with Kendrick Lamar over Drake is not just a matter of personal preference in music.

Coco Gauff

It’s a decision rooted in her personal connection to the feud. Gauff’s support for Kendrick stems from Drake’s repeated disses against her idol, Serena Williams. In her own words, Gauff explained, “To be honest, I liked Kendrick’s songs more.

And I think pretty much everyone I know is leaning towards him. But I do like Drake as an artist as well. But as far as the rap battle is going on, the rap beef, I think definitely Kendrick’s winning. Also, Drake dissed Serena [Williams] so I have to go with Kendrick. Kendrick defended her, so yeah, I have to go with him.”

In the song “Middle of the Ocean” from 2022, Drake referred to Williams’ spouse, Alexis Ohanian, as a “groupie.”

Although they were never official, there were also rumors that Drake and Williams had dated in the past. Kendrick Lamar defended his fellow Compton Native Williams on the hit diss track “Not Like Us.” Kendrick rapped, “From Alondra down to Central / n**gas better not speak on Serena.” Coco Gauff idolizes Serena, so her choosing Kendrick is a no-brainer.

Four-time Grand Slam title champion Naomi Osaka said of the beef, “Kendrick dropped some heat.” She continued, “That last song is amazing, and I played it while walking onto the court.” Popular opinion is that Kendrick Lamar has officially won the feud.

Drake’s last diss track did not go over like the rapper wanted. Meanwhile, Kendirk’s “Not Like Us” may have become an all-time diss record. Overall, Osaka and Coco Gauff are part of the team Kendrick for good reason.