Watch as Taylor Swift suffers wardrobe slip at Stockholm Eras Tour… But the way she nails It like a boss shows professionality especially the way it almost fell off: Travis Kelce also reacts – ‘You amaze me always baby’

Taylor Swift at Eras Tour


Taylor Swift breaks attendance record in Stockholm on European tour. Watch her handle the Wardrobe Malfunction mid concert.


Taylor Swift at Eras Tour

Taylor Swift wasn’t immune to a fashion faux pas during her sold-out Eras Tour stop in Stockholm. The pop queen, currently on her European tour, faced a major wardrobe malfunction during her performance as she tried to switch between two songs. But leave it to the ever-graceful Fortnight singer to not only recover seamlessly but turn the situation into a total “wow” moment. The 34-year-old even paused the performance briefly to deal with the technical issue once and again while checking on a fan.

Taylor Swift faces wardrobe malfunction in Stockholm
In a video that has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram Reels, the TTPD singer tells the crowd to “just talk amongst yourselves” as she struggles to unwrap or wrap up her deep blue Robert Cavalli wrap dress, revealing glimpses of her sparkly yellow and green outfit for her Tortured Poet era. Swift fumbles with the dress until a crew member comes to her aid. With a smile and a laugh, Swift takes the mishap in stride as the crew member helps her out on stage.

“She’s having a wardrobe malfunction,” a concertgoer screamed from behind as the pop star quickly tried managing her mid-era tour crisis while also dealing with some technical difficulties. And once the problem was resolved, she wiggled a bit before continuing her piano set for How Did It End? A track from her newly rolled-out album.

“Oh errors tour you’ll always be famous,” a person joked from behind. Well, this might not be the first time Swift has suffered wardrobe slip-ups during her concerts. Back in November 2023, her expensive Christian Louboutin boot broke during the Lover set in Rio de Janeiro, but once again, she handled it like a boss, tossing the heel into the crowd, where a lucky fan caught it.