UPROAR as Many Fans and Taylor Swift’s celebrity friends are URGING Taylor to BREAK UP with Travis Kelce because of his AGGRESSIVE Outburst at Chiefs Coach Andy Reid “He’s not mature enough”

Travis Scream and Taylor Swift


Travis Kelce’s aggressive outburst on the touchline during last night’s Superbowl may indicate that he struggles to ‘problem solve’, is ‘impulsive’ and has anger issues, according to experts — in a warning to girlfriend Taylor Swift.


Travis Shout at Coach

The Kansas City tight end, 34, shoved coach Andy Reid, 65, for taking him out of the game, which prompted criticism and concern among Swifties and Taylor’s friends, who said it was a ‘red flag’ for their relationship.

Now, a psychologist has claimed the aggressive outburst may be a sign of underlying personality traits that ‘do not bode well’ for his romantic life.

Canadian author and relationship expert Dr James Giles told DailyMail.com: ‘It points towards a lack of problem-solving skills for dealing with interpersonal problems.

‘It also really does point toward low self-esteem. It shows that you feel you don’t have the ability to solve things in any other way.

‘It reveals a deep sense of insecurity in the sense that you feel threatened enough that you have to over-compensate and respond aggressively’.

Dr Giles added that the scene ‘points towards impulsivity’ in Kelce’s character, which is not always negative but can be unpredictable.

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl

He warned one of the triggers for impulsive people was jealousy, which could manifest in response to fellow teammates or issues in a relationship.

But Dr Peter Kanaris, a psychologist on Long Island, said that aggression was part of being a top athlete playing American football — but was unlikely to be transferred to his private life.

‘We are talking about a world-class athlete in American football,’ he said. ‘The sport itself invites and encourages aggression.

‘[But] so much of that is situational, and not endemic to the personality of the player.’

Meanwhile, body language expert Judi James said Kelce may not be ‘mature enough’ to control his emotions.

‘Looking at his facial expressions, his bottom lip is down to chin level,’ she said. ‘It looks like such an extreme expression of anger.

‘If you look, his veins are also bulging on his forehead. He looks like someone who has genuinely lost his temper at that point.

‘The other thing that would be really scary is facial proximity. He crouched to get his face right into the coach’s face and then presumably screamed at him, which is horrendous.’

She added: ‘This is not pleasant in any walk of life.



‘It is shocking that he would come off and do that to a 65-year-old man who is wearing glasses and who cannot see or hear him approach because he is on a microphone and clearly concentrating on the game.

‘He got the guy off balance, and he is clearly not the fittest guy… he was a vulnerable target for a 6ft 5in guy like Travis.’

Kelce has a history of losing his temper behavior on the field.

In 2017, he was snapped pushing a player in the Pittsburgh Steelers to the ground after he dropped a pass that hit him square in the hands.

In November this year, he was also filmed having a scuffle with other players on the field — and appearing to push and hit one individual during a match with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Travis and his coach have both tried to brush off the moment that was beamed around the nation, with his coach Mr Reid saying he was ‘testing my hip’.

The coach also referred to him as someone who ‘keeps him young’.

Kelce has responded saying: ‘I’ve got the greatest coach this game has ever seen… he’s one of the best leaders of men I’ve ever seen in my life.’

But the behavior has not gone unnoticed in circles beyond the sporting world.

Swifties were first off the mark, branding the behavior a ‘red flag’ for Taylor Swift and warning her over continuing the relationship.

And now her friends are also raising concerns, exclusively telling DailyMail.com they were ‘not aware that he even had a side to him like that’.