Travis Kelce’s Barber Reveals What Taylor Swift is Really Like in Person

Taylor Swift with Travis Kelce and his Barber


Patrick Regan, the longtime barber of Travis Kelce, has found himself in a sparkling new friendship with none other than Taylor Swift.


Travis Kelce and Barber

During an episode of the Tease podcast, Regan shared insights into his blossoming friendship with the “Cruel Summer” songstress, whom he’s grown acquainted with through his association with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34.

Describing Swift as “super sweet,” Regan noted her genuine interest in conversation and attentiveness to others.

Regan, who has been sculpting Kelce’s trademark buzz cut for six years, previously disclosed that Swift occasionally joins the NFL star during his grooming sessions, one of which Swift captured on camera with her signature filter and shared on Instagram in December.

“Taylor is a super sweet person,” Regan said, adding that Swift is “always interested in what you’re saying.”

In a subsequent interview with Fox News, Regan mentioned Swift’s consistent praise for Kelce’s freshly groomed locks.

Despite Swift’s global fame, Regan found a common ground with the Grammy winner – their shared upbringing in Pennsylvania. “She’s from the Philly area too, so we connected real well [over that],” he remarked.

Describing Swift as reminiscent of a high school acquaintance, Regan praised her down-to-earth demeanor.

“She just seems like a girl I went to high school with. She’s a really nice person,” Regan added of Swift’s down-to-earth personality.

While Regan typically operates behind the scenes, he acknowledged the transformative impact of Kelce and Swift’s public relationship, emphasizing the positive outcomes. He expressed appreciation for the opportunity to showcase Kelce’s personality and highlighted the heightened attention his work has received due to Swift’s iconic status.

Regan made headlines last month as the mastermind behind Kelce’s renowned hairstyle, dubbed “The Travis Cut,” although Kelce humbly acknowledged that the fade style wasn’t his invention but rather a style already prevalent in various communities.

The duo’s collaboration began when Kelce reached out to Regan on Instagram to schedule an appointment while training in Florida, where Regan is based. Despite the early hours, Regan accommodated Kelce’s request, laying the foundation for their enduring partnership.

Since then, Regan has traveled to Kansas City weekly during football season to attend to Kelce’s hair, including for the 2024 Super Bowl, where he also performed the shaving duties.