Travis Kelce reveals he WOULD visit Donald Trump’s White House if former President is re-elected and Chiefs win another Super Bowl because there’s something he won’t be able to do when Biden is there but he could have done it if Donald Trump is at the white house…

Travis Kelce and Donald Trump and Joe Biden


Travis Kelce insists he would have no problem returning to the White House with his Kansas City Chiefs teammates if Donald Trump is re-elected as US President.


Travis Kelce and Joe Biden

Kelce and the Chiefs were invited to the White House by Joe Biden last week, with the current President keen to commemorate the team for their second consecutive Super Bowl triumph in February.

Should they pull off a historic ‘three-peat’ and win the NFL’s biggest prize again next season, it is unclear who will be in position to invite them back to the Presidential residence – with Biden and Trump set to battle it out in the US election later this year.

Donald Trump

A potential meeting with Trump could prove awkward for Kelce given his girlfriend Taylor Swift has previously been critical of the American politician, whom she accused of ‘stoking the fire of white supremacy and racism’ back in 2020.

However, on the latest episode of his and brother Jason’s New Heights podcast, Travis revealed he will visit the White House ‘every time’ if he’s invited ‘no matter who’s up there at the helm’.

‘It’s always an honor to go to the White House,’ he told Jason about last week’s Presidential visit.

‘I mentioned it last time, any time I get a chance to be recognized by the President of the United States and get to go with my teammates and a group of men and women who I had success with to the point we get acknowledged… I’m doing it every time no matter who’s up there at the helm.

‘No matter what’s going on in this world. It’s just such a cool opportunity.

‘I think representing the Chiefs up there, I wanted to do that for the Hunt family and all our coaches. I wanted to make sure I remembered that and got all those pictures and memories in the bank with them.’

Earlier this year, Kelce sparked controversy after he appeared to like a picture of Trump meeting former TV presenter Sage Steele on social media.

The Chiefs tight end caused consternation among Swift’s fans when Trump shared a photo of the like on his own platform, Truth Social.

Alongside the image, the post added: ‘Travis Kelce, NFL star tight end and boyfriend of Taylor Swift, is causing controversy after liking a post of ESPN former reporter Sage Steele and Donald Trump at a UFC event.

‘I think everyone, even celebrities, are finally waking up and supporting the MAGA movement. Have liberals finally gone so far left that everyone is leaving?’

Swift endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and has publicly expressed her disdain for Trump, even vowing to ‘vote him out’ of the White House four years ago.

Trump has snapped back at the pop megastar on frequent occasions while weighing in on her high-profile romance with Kelce.

‘I wish the best for both of them. I hope they enjoy their life, maybe together, maybe not — most likely not,’ he said during an interview with the Daily Caller.

It came after the Washington Post published an opinion piece, saying: ‘If anyone should be worried about Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce, it’s Trump.’

Before the Super Bowl in February, Swift was the subject of a number of bizarre conspiracy theories from far-right, Trump-supporting conservatives.

They claimed the singer and Kelce’s relationship – and even the Chiefs’ run to the Super Bowl – was artificially manufactured to promote Biden’s campaign.