Travis Kelce Retirement Plans Revealed “To Hollywood? or Something else involving Taylor Swift?”

Travis Kelce


Take this report with a massive grain of salt. Do not assume that Travis Kelce is retiring because Daily Mail claims he’s orchestrating a move to become a movie star.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

But yes, the latest report on Travis Kelce’s future suggests he’s in the midst of a grand plan to reach similar fame as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Given the difficulties Kelce has faced this year though, and the obvious off-field potential his star brings, it’s at least worth considering the possibility that the report is correct.

Chiefs Rumors: Travis Kelce Reportedly Wants to be a Movie Star

You have to admit, it makes sense. Kelce was phenomenal appearing on Saturday Night Live and has the No. 1 podcast in the country with his brother. Perhaps no NFL player is better positioned for a post-football star career than Kelce.

That being said, it’s almost impossible to imagine Kelce retiring. The sourcing in this report is a bit questionable, though the murmors around Kelce’s career ending seem to grow louder by the week.

No matter what he chooses to do, he’s arguably the greatest Chiefs player ever and will be exceptional in any field.

I’m going to enjoy every second of watching Kelce play for the Chiefs and just hope we’ll get at least one more year. The future is bright, and you can bet every Chiefs fan will be in theaters for whatever movie Kelce might star in.