Travis Kelce plans to support Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour in Europe this summer but he won’t ‘overstay welcome’

Travis Kelce plans to support Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour in Europe this summer


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are set to spend time together on her Europe tour, but he won’t “overstay welcome”, it has been said.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour

Taylor announced last year that she’d be taking her Eras Tour to the UK and Europe, with these dates now coming up very soon. The first show of this part of her sold-out stadium tour will start on May 9, 2024, in Paris. And everyone’s wondering if her NFL star boyfriend, Travis, who’s also 34, will join her.

Taylor and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis started dating last summer. Their love story began when he showed interest in her at one of her concerts, and she reached out to him afterward.

Since they made their relationship public in September, ‘Tayvis’ – as fans call them – have been in the spotlight with their cute date nights and support for each other. They even recently enjoyed a fancy trip to the Bahamas.

But as Taylor’s UK and Europe leg of the Eras Tour gets closer, fans are worried about how the couple will manage their busy lives. But according to a celebrity psychic, there’s no need to worry – Travis will be there to support his girlfriend while she performs on stage.

In an exclusive chat with The Mirror, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman, after doing a Tarot reading, revealed: “Travis wants to keep his relationship on an even keel, says the 4 of Disks Tarot card. He doesn’t want to lose the stability that he has with his creative lady, and will come to visit a few European destinations with her when she’s touring the continent.”

She pointed out that the card drawn is a Tarot card of stability and security, “showing that Taylor and Travis are happier when their schedules can be arranged in advance”.

Inbaal continued: “However, Travis doesn’t want to overstay his welcome. The 8 of Wands Tarot card says that when the athlete feels that he’s more of a hindrance, he’ll catch a flight home.”

“This Tarot card tells us that Travis respects the fact that Taylor is working, and would rather miss her from afar than disturb her close by. He’ll have the opportunity to pop over again, a few weeks into the European leg of her tour, and so he’ll visit Europe with her a second time before the season starts.”