Travis Kelce opens up about girlfriend Taylor Swift’s private jet parking and the parking spots sold-out Las Vegas “We’ve thought of alternatives..”

Travis and Taylor


Travis Kelce has refused to confirm whether or not girlfriend Taylor Swift will have a spot to park her private jet at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas on Sunday.


Travis Kelce

Swift is jetting across the globe in order to be at Allegiant Stadium for kickoff on Sunday when Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers.

The popstar finishes the Japanese leg of her Eras Tour in Tokyo on February 10 and faces a frantic rush to get back to the USA for the game on February 11.

But, as well as the shortage of time, she may also have a problem finding somewhere to leave her plane for the weekend in Las Vegas.

It was reported last week that Sin City had completely sold out of private jet parking spots for Super Bowl weekend, leaving many of the rich and famous scrambling to find alternatives.

Taylor Swift Arrives

Michael Giordano, a partner at Cirrus Aviation Services in Las Vegas, told The New York post that the NFL will provide Swift with a space to land although parking spots are increasingly hard to come by.

‘Taylor Swift will definitely have a spot through the NFL to land, but not necessarily a place to park,’ Giordano said.

However, Kelce refused to say definitively whether or not Swift had definitely been granted one.

Asked on Monday night, Kelce replied: ‘I’ll have to ask.’

Spaces at Harry Reid Airport in the city and its two nearest executive jet strips, North Las Vegas and Henderson, for private jet parking have already been all snatched up, according to the New York Post.

Meanwhile, slots for Sunday night takeoffs for those fans looking to make a rapid getaway have also reportedly already gone.

The congestion at the three strips, which has been fueled not only by the NFL’s biggest game but also by LIV Golf holding its inaugural Las Vegas tournament this week, has San Francisco tech billionaires and New York’s hedge fund owners panicking.

A private jet insider told The Post that he knew of a New York-based hedge fund owner who had tickets for the Super Bowl but has decided to stay in the Big Apple to watch the game due to the travel chaos.

‘They couldn’t find a slot and getting out on Sunday night felt risky,’ he said. ‘It’s not worth going if you can’t get home when you want to. They decided to leave the jet be and watch the game in New York.’

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley’s tech gurus have also been left scrambling after failing to plan ahead before the San Francisco 49ers’ win in last month’s NFC Championship game.

‘Those tech guys think they know everything and they don’t listen,’ added Giordano, who revealed he has told clients that money isn’t the issue, he physically can’t fit them in.

‘I’ve turned down about $500,000 in trip requests as there are no more aircraft and no more slots.’

Even if the one percenters manage to secure a private jet slot, they’ll reportedly have to face extra fees.

Signature Flight Support and Atlantic Aviation, Vegas’s two main operators for private jets, plus Henderson Executive Airport, are said to have tacked on special event fees, looking to profit off the tight situation.

Kelce was also asked whether or not having his famous girlfriend in attendance at his games puts more pressure on him to deliver.

The 34-year-old responded: ‘You can’t put on any more pressure than I put on myself. I promise you that. It’s just the heart of a competitor.

‘She has definitely brought a lot of new faces to the game and it’s been fun to experience that.

‘She seems to be enjoying the games. She’s a part of Chiefs kingdom right now and it’s fun to see her enjoying the game of football.’