Travis Kelce makes a SHOCKING appearance and Attends to support his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Madrid Eras Tour Show despite his Extremely TIGHT Schedule, he attends with Ryan Reynolds and Taylor’s BFF Blake Lively and their kids – The most amazing moment is when Taylor couldn’t hold her Excitement and STOPPED Playing the Piano to see Travis in the Crowd

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with their kids attends Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Madrid


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continue to spend so much time together despite their busy schedules.


Good for you Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. You gotta be a real hater to see this level of happiness and be like, “Yea I don’t like it.”

They were in Singapore together during one of her Eras Tour stops, they went on vacation together in the Bahamas, they were snapped at various places together and they attended Patrick Mahomes’ charity event. Then, Kelce showed up to her 87th Eras Tour show in Paris and they had a vacation together in Italy.

Travis Kelce attends Taylor Swift Eras Tour in Paris

Now, Swift continues her international leg of the Eras Tour, so you might wonder: given that Travis has some time off, will he be in Madrid for two days to see her perform again?

We don’t know officially. But there are reports that he’ll continue to join her on certain stops in Europe, so maybe he’s traveling with her? We’ll see!