Travis Kelce is a ‘Knucklehead’, what does Taylor see in him… – American Sports Podcaster Jason Whitlock is the latest Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’ Public Hater! What does he have against them?

Jason Whitlock and Travis kelce and Taylor Swift


While Travis Kelce was praised by many for the way he navigated the controversy surrounding Harrison Butker and his commencement speech, not everybody is a fan.


Jason Whitlock

Butker’s speech at Benedictine College made waves, with teammates and people close to him voicing their opinion on the matter.

Travis was one of those people, and he did so on the latest episode of the ‘New Heights’ podcast with brother Jason.

“When it comes down to his views and what he said at Saint Benedict’s commencement speech, those are his. I can’t say I agree with the majority of it or just about any of it, outside of just him loving his family and his kids,” said Travis.

Whitlock hits out at Kelce
While Travis’ response to the matter may have been genuine, they don’t sit well with Jason Whitlock.

Whitlock voiced his fruition with Kelce’s words in a recent YouTube video, going so far as to call the Kansas City Chiefs star a “knucklehead.”

“Travis Kelce said a whole lot of nothing there because he virtually has no self-awareness,” said Whitlock. “He thinks that he’s here and he’s famous and he’s rich and he’s super successful because both of his parents worked outside the home or you know, he doesn’t recognize because Travis Kelce is a knucklehead.”

Whitlock known for his controversial takes
It isn’t the first time Whitlock has taken aim at Travis Kelce, or those in his circle

Taylor Swift, Travis’ girlfriend, was once the subject of another attack from Whitlock. He claimed that the singer could destroy the NFL given her star power.

“The things that we’re seeing and witnessing in football, the elevation of Taylor Swift and Deion Sanders – these aren’t accidents. These are the final steps in overhauling and transitioning football into a total tool for the Left and their messaging,” said Whitlock.

He also noted that Swift’s popularity was a tool being used by politicians to help swing votes to the left.

“Taylor Swift is out leading voter registration drives intended to register left-wing voters, and voilà– she just happens to pop up as the biggest star in all the NFL now because she’s dating Travis Kelce,” said Whitlock.

“Then NBC Sunday Night Football just so happens to be in New York the week after she hooks up with Travis Kelce in Kansas City, and all of Taylor Swift’s friends are at the game. Taylor Swift is pro-Abortion, Travis Kelce took a knee during the whole Colin Kaepernick mess, and Kelce’s is on-board with all this Left-wing matriarchal BS.

“They want that model out there for all men. ‘Hop on-board, the biggest and toughest football players are hopping on-board with the matriarchy!’, and being number two to some skanky music star, Taylor Swift.

“I know everybody loves Taylor Swift but she ain’t special. She’s just another useful idiot, another tool being used to feminize America, and to make America a globalist country that’s anti-nationalism, that’s anti-God.”