Travis Kelce hilariously confuses Yoko Ono with a SPEED SKATER after Jason compares him to John Lennon’s wife and Taylor Swift to The Beatles while discussing their Australia trip

Travis Kelce and Yoko ono and Apolo Ohno


When talking about his trips to Australia to follow girlfriend Taylor Swift, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce appeared to confuse his musicians for his speed skaters.


Travis and Jason Kelce

In the latest episode of New Heights, Travis tried recapping his recent life after winning the Super Bowl – which included an excursion to Sydney to spend some time with Swift on her Eras Tour.

While talking about all of the camera attention he received when landing in Australia, Travis’s brother Jason quipped ‘You’re like the Beatles. Like Yoko Ono.’



Yoko ono
Yoko ono

Travis laughed at that comparison before asking, ‘Yoko Ono, was that a speedskater?’

Apolo Ohno
Apolo Ohno

Jason burst out hysterically laughing on the podcast: ‘Are you thinking of Apolo Anton Ohno? Oh my god that’s f***ing hilarious.’

After composing themselves, Jason continued: ‘I don’t even know the full story of Yoko Ono, I know she was with John Lennon and that’s about the extent that I know. She might have been a figure skater, who knows? Speed skater, sorry.

‘Well dude it’s a wild ride,’ Travis continued. ‘I will tell you this, Australia did not disappoint.

‘Only went to Sydney, got a lot of friends I’ve met over the years that are out there in Melbourne and definitely want to get out there and see you guys and see what Melbourne has to offer.

‘But Sydney was a beautiful city, I want to say similar to Miami, a lot of intercoastal, it was cool to say the layout of the land over there let alone the zoo and seeing all the exotic animals.’

Travis’s day at the zoo was interrupted by helicopters flying above their heads snapping pictures, but that didn’t distract him from a great day.

‘The kangaroos were pretty sweet,’ Travis recalled. ‘Got to see a red panda up close and personal. It looked like a friendly racoon.’

Ono, of course, is the 91-year-old former wife of John Lennon – who went on to have a career in music and activism.

The person Travis confused him for, Apolo Anton Ohno, is the greatest speed skater in American history.

Ohno remains the USA’s most decorated Winter Olympian in history – winning eight medals across the 2002 games in Salt Lake City, the 2006 games in Turin, and the 2010 games in Vancouver.

He won gold in the 1500m skate in 2002 and gold in the 500m in 2006. He’s also got two silver medals and four bronze medals to his name.