Travis Kelce Gushes About Being at Taylor Swift’s ‘Electric’ Paris Show Where She Sang a Tribute to Him

Travis Kelce New Heights


Travis Kelce has continued his tradition of discussing the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concerts he’s attended on his podcast, New Heights. His recap of Swift’s Paris show was his most effusive yet.


Travis Kelce at ERAS Tour Paris

It was Swift’s 87th show, and she honored her boyfriend, whose Kansas City Chiefs jersey number is 87, with multiple romantic tributes. Her most notable was playing a mashup of her Tortured Poets song “The Alchemy,” which is rumored to be about him, with her love song “Treacherous” from Red. Kelce was seen making heart hands during it.

The football player didn’t speak about the tribute specifically on New Heights, but he alluded to it when he called Swift’s Paris show out for being “on a whole other level.”

His brother, co-host Jason Kelce, began the conversation by saying, “You’re now up to five concerts that you’ve seen. You’ve been to Kansas City, Argentina, Australia, Singapore, and now Paris. How does Paris compare to all of these other wonderful shows?”

Travis Kelce replied, “Dude? That was, I mean, I don’t know if they’re just getting better or if I just keep forgetting how they are. It was electric in there, and I’ll tell you what? Kansas City showed out. Argentina was unbelievable. Australia, they partied with the best of them, and they celebrate with the best of them. Those three were unbelievable. Singapore was so unique and so fun. And then Paris was just, it was on a whole other level, man.”

Kelce added, “And I’m just, I’m happy for everybody that’s in the Eras Tour that’s performing, from the dancers to the band and obviously Taylor, that it just looks like they’re having so much fun up there, and they’re absolutely killing it. And they’re putting on a show that, you know, you won’t get anywhere else.”