Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Earn High Praise After Being Outrageously RIPPED and ROASTED on TV by NFL Legend Tom Brady and Kanye West LOVES It and gave him a THUMBS Up…

Tom Brady and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce received more recognition after being roasted on live TV.


Tom Brady and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Rob Gronkowski recently praised Kelce in an interview in which he said he was retiring. Gronk was present for the Roast of Tom Brady, where he stated that Kelce was “doing a great job.”

The four-time Super Bowl champ is happy that Kecle is keeping the tight-end position alive. Gronk continues by saying that the Cleveland native is killing it on and off the field.

According to ET, the former NFL star also joked about not being mentioned in Swift’s newest album, The Tortured Poets Department. However, Gronk wasn’t the only one making jokes about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. Tom Brady also got in on the action.

“Kansas City, you say your stadium is the loudest? It helps when all your fans are 14-year-old girls,” Tom Brady joked. “And in honor of Tay Tay, let’s take a look at the Chiefs eras – terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off,” he added.

Brady went pretty easy on the popular couple, as nobody really wants to mess with the Swifties. Gronkowski also went a similar route by saying some nice things about The Kansas City Chiefs tight end. Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce did not attend Brady’s roast. However, they are still spending plenty of time together before Swift heads back out on tour.

However, the couple recently had an exciting weekend in Las Vegas thanks to Patrick Mahomes’ charity event being hosted there. Many are very impressed with how Kelce is handling his newfound fame, which comes with dating a woman like Swift. Kelce has accepted all his new fans and is fine with being in most of the headlines.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift continue to thrive together, and fans on both sides are happy. When their relationship is talked about by other icons, they are definitely doing something right.