Tony Romo is ROASTED by Millions for ‘RUINING’ the thrilling end to Super Bowl LVIII with his call of Mecole Hardman’s game-winning touchdown: ‘SpongeBob did a better job’

Tony Romo comment on Hardman


CBS announcer Tony Romo was slammed by NFL fans for his call of the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl-winning touchdown on Sunday.


Chiefs win Super Bowl

The Chiefs became back-to-back champions after defeating the San Francisco 49ers in the dying seconds of overtime at Super Bowl LVIII.

Patrick Mahomes found Mecole Hardman who walked it into the end zone to seal the 25-22 victory in Las Vegas.

The touchdown was a thrilling finale to a tight game between the two sides but Romo got a bit too carried away.

CBS’ play-by-play man Jim Nantz delivered the perfect line, punctuating the win in Sin City with ‘Jackpot, Kansas City’.

Tony Romo at Super Bowl

Traditionally, the announcing team would then sit back and allow fans to soak up the moment and the atmosphere at Allegiant Stadium but Romo decided to launch into a lengthy spiel instead.

‘This was the Andy Reid special, we talked about he was saving all day,’ he said on the broadcast.

‘He is going to fake a motion to go across. That moment he turns and goes back — Hardman, who they didn’t have, right? And they go get Hardman and bring him back.

‘The game-winning drive of Mahomes’ career, he has been waiting for. He’s won Super Bowls, but he’s never had it in overtime. He is the best, he is the standard, Michael Jordan. Wins it again.’

Romo’s commentary left many fans on social media annoyed as they accused him of ruining the play.

‘Tony Romo ruining the winning moment by not shutting up. Let it breathe broadcasters…’ one user wrote on X.

‘I never understood the Tony Romo hate but now I get it,’ another wrote. ‘As a play by play announcer, this is a pet peeve. Tony, a legendary moment just happened. Either let Jim continue to talk or let the nat sound and the visuals take over! Stop talking!’

‘SpongeBob did a better job than Tony romo last night,’ one viewer joked, referring to Nickelodeon’s alternative broadcast.

Another branded the announcer ’embarrassing’ as they posted: ‘You can’t listen to the game winning clip of a Super Bowl without having to hear Tony Romo say non coherent sentences for a minute straight.’

‘Watching it back, Tony Romo going on a rant about the execution of the game winning TD is annoying af We just watched a walk-off Super Bowl game winner, nobody cares about how it happened rn,’ another chimed in.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback signed a contract extension in 2020 for ten years worth a record-breaking $180 million.