The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger also joins the fight to DEFEND Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl Conspiracy…I’ll be back – “The team that wins is a plant”

The Terminator and Taylor Swift


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s defense of Taylor Swift against outlandish claims.

Super Bowl Stadium 2024 and Taylor Swift

Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger has recently stepped into a new spotlight, defending none other than pop sensation Taylor Swift.

The singer has been surrounded by right-wing conspiracy theories originating from social media discussions and quickly gaining traction in mainstream media. These have been related to baseless allegations that her relationship with the sports star Travis Kelce is an orchestrated plan of the Democratic Party.

Reacting to these unfounded claims, The Terminator star said that such conspiracy theories do not surprise him, sharing his unwavering support for Swift.


Arnold Schwarzenegger On Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories
Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger recently sat down with Variety to discuss his new Super Bowl commercial, which hilariously portrays himself filming an action movie titled Agent State Farm.

Amid the discussion surrounding his advertisement, Schwarzenegger also reacted to the swirling wild conspiracy theories surrounding the Grammy-winning singer Taylor Swift.

And the action movie star could not help but laugh at the unfounded claims as he humorously said, “Remember, everything is a plant.” Arnold Schwarzenegger further quipped about COVID-19 and vaccines being labeled as part of orchestrated schemes, saying,

“COVID was a plant. The vaccine was the plant. Of course, she’s also a plant and the team that wins is a plant. There are agents everywhere. The CIA is operating everything. I can see it very clearly how everything is a plant. It’s entertaining.”

Reacting to conspiracy theories targeting Swift, the actor nonchalantly added, “It doesn’t surprise me.” The former Republican governor of California is known for openly sharing his candid opinions as he has earlier labeled Donald Trump as the “worst president ever” and even called out his supporters.


What is the Conspiracy Theory Surrounding Taylor Swift?
Within influential right-wing circles, a conspiracy theory has emerged about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce. Under this wild theory, Swift is described as a “Pentagon asset” and an “election interference psyop” allegedly conspiring with unnamed left-leaning forces to manipulate events leading up to the November presidential election.

The claims made under the theory also suggest a scheme to “rig” the outcome of the Super Bowl to let the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers and subsequently endorse Joe Biden for the presidency. This narrative has gained popularity among some sections of right-wing commentators.

And it is further fueled by intense media scrutiny of Swift’s association with Kelce and her presence at Chiefs games during their NFL playoff run. While the 34-year-old singer has avoided discussing political affiliations, she has become more political in recent years.

In 2018, she supported Democratic candidates in Tennessee, where she spent some of her childhood. And in the 2020 election, she publicly endorsed Joe Biden and vocally opposed then-president Donald Trump, stating, “We will vote you out”. As her fame and influence have continued to grow, over the past few years, it seems to have raised concerns among the right-wing.