The Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis makes mouth about the high of their jersey.

The Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis met again on their famous ‘New Heights’ podcast where they revealed their growing popularity across the seas. The brothers surpassed Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Eagles QB Jalen Hurts in jersey sales in the United Kingdom. The two, quite surprised, discussed the reason behind those huge sales on the latest episode of their podcast.


Travis Kelce

Jason Kelce revealed that both he and his brother, Travis, had the top-selling jerseys in the UK for November, with Travis taking the first spot and Jason following right after. Jason jokingly asked if there are a “lot of Swifties over there” in the UK, speculating that this might explain why his younger brother’s jersey sold so well there. Travis humorously agreed, saying that could be the only logical explanation. Jason stated,


“I’m only number two because I think a lot of people in the UK maybe just don’t watch football and they’re like, Oh, I heard this Kelce guy dating Taylor Swift, and they just buy my jersey on accident.”

Then Jason playfully suggested that his own second-place ranking could be because Swifties rarely watch football and might have mistaken him for Travis Kelce and bought his jersey by mistake. However, Travis dismissed the idea and stated that the high sales of Eagles Center’s jerseys could be due to fans of Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce.


Jason Kelce Becomes Geography Guide For Travis
Both brothers thanked their fans in the UK for their support. Moreover, Travis Kelce proposed that with their increasing popularity in the UK, they should organize a live show there. However, they then got into a discussion about the geography of the United Kingdom while trying to figure out its structure.


Travis initially questioned whether Scotland and Northern Ireland were part of the UK, mentioning that he thought it might just be Britain. The big brother then helped Travis understand that the UK is made up of five countries including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The Philadelphia Eagles center further mentioned,


“Something like they just refer to the part of the UK as Northern Ireland. I think that’s how it works. I’m not entirely positive. There’s a lot of clarifications for a bunch of white people that eat unseasoned food.”

The brothers talked about Ireland and Northern Ireland, trying to figure out if the UK includes Northern Ireland. They made jokes about how some people say British food is bland because it lacks effort. Still, they thanked fans in the UK for buying their jerseys and said they’d love to visit and meet their fans worldwide.