Taylor Swift’s Rare Details About Dating Ex Joe Alwyn Hint at an Issue That Isn’t Apparent in Travis Kelce Romance

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift recently told fans a tidbit about what it was like writing her iconic album Folklore, and it may have also given a hint as to how she felt dating Joe Alwyn.


Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

At least, that’s what many fans think, and it shows a dramatic difference between her relationship with Alwyn and her current boyfriend Travis Kelce.

On Feb 17, during her concert in Melbourne, Australia, Swift talked about how she felt when making her album Folklore, specifically how lonely she felt.

“[I was] imagining that, instead of being a lonely millennial woman covered in cat hair drinking my weight in white wine, I was a ghostly Victorian lady wandering through the woods with a candle in a candlestick holder,” she said, via UsMagazine. “And I wrote only on parchment with a feathered quill.

That was in my mind, what I thought I looked like, writing Folklore. … So that’s all that matters: the delusion.”

So, many fans have inferred that this was a hint that Swift felt lonely during her relationship with Alwyn.

However, something to keep in mind is that she wrote this album during the beginning of COVID-19, when most of the world felt lonely, so it may not be indicative of her relationship with Alwyn, whom she dated from 2016 to March 2023.

But many insiders have claimed recently that that lonely feeling hasn’t become apparent at all during her relationship with Kelce, with whom she’s been seeing since the summer of 2023, with many claiming she’s never felt more secure and happy.