Taylor Swift’s Mom Andrea Swift Reveals Taylor was more SHOCKED on Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting but tried to be strong for her fans for Eras Tour in Australia

Taylor Worried and Travis Kelce


Taylor Swift made a panicked phone call in the early hours of the morning to her boyfriend Travis Kelce after she was left ‘shaken up’ by the horror shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs parade, just hours after she touched down in Australia.


Taylor Swift

The pop superstar, 34, who is currently on the Australian leg of her Eras World Tour, was on the phone to the tight end at around 6am Melbourne time, just minutes after gunfire broke out on the west side of Union Station at 1:48 pm local time on Wednesday.

She then called her new friend Brittany Mahomes, whose husband Patrick is Travis’ teammate, with the pair taking comfort in one another after the incident which claimed one life.

‘Taylor was extremely worried when she heard of the shooting, as expected,’ a source exclusively told DailyMail.com. ‘She got on the phone with Travis right away and was so incredibly relieved to hear his voice.

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‘She spoke to Brittany too and they were shaken up by this tragedy.’

The source explained how Taylor was left ‘heartbroken’ to learn that one person had died as further information about the victims was released.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, 44, was killed when two juvenile gunmen opened fire in the crowd during a ‘personal dispute’ that escalated. Twenty-one others were injured, including nine children. Three people were detained after the incident.

Taylor made two $50,000 donations to the GoFundMe page set up for the grieving family of the Kansas City radio DJ.

‘She was heartbroken to hear of the death and she hopes her donation helps,’ the insider added.

Shooting in Kansas City Chiefs Parade

‘She has so much love for the Kansas City community and is sending all her love and support.’

On donating the money, Taylor wrote: ‘Sending my deepest sympathies and condolences in the wake of your devastating loss. With love, Taylor Swift.’

Travis, 34, also tweeted, telling fans he had been left ‘heartbroken’ by the violence.

He then continued to celebrate his Super Bowl success as he enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant with his Chiefs teammates.

The three-time Super Bowl winner was pictured posing with teammate Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany in a photo obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

He is yet to respond to criticism of his continued celebrations which was branded a ‘red flag’ by some.

The first red flag emerged at Sunday’s Super Bowl itself, when Travis pushed his 65-year-old coach, Andy Reid, during a moment of rage during the game.

At the time, a source told DailyMail.com: ‘Honestly, Travis yelling at coach Reid like that was surprising and a little bit concerning to Taylor’s friends simply because they were not aware that he even had a side to him like that…’

The source added: ‘They understand that it’s the biggest game of the year and that there is a lot at stake – but Travis is a pro and should have handled himself with a bit more dignity than to scream at his coach like that.

‘This was his first red flag as far as Taylor’s friends are concerned and even Taylor seemed a bit surprised. Being the professional that she is, she has never flipped out on anyone like that.’

The insider explained that the outburst was made worse by the fact the singer’s entire family was there to witness it.

They continued: ‘Her family was there and all of her friends. He knew this. Travis should have been able to keep his cool better.

‘That kind of shouting would be a breaking point for some people in relationships.’

After the game, Travis told the media that his rage was down to the fact that he ‘wanted the score to be different.’

His coach later told ESPN that Travis embraced him after the victory: ‘He came over and gave me a hug, said “Sorry about that.” He just wants to be on the field and he wants to play.’

Then fans were left concerned by his drunken appearance during the Chiefs’ victory parade, shortly before the tragic shooting took place.

Meanwhile, prosecutors are still undecided on the charges against the three suspects they have in custody.

Two are juveniles who were having a ‘personal dispute’, according to police yesterday.

One, who was carrying an assault rifle, was tackled by heroic fans as he tried to flee the scene.

None have been named. The local district attorney said they intend to charge all of the suspects as adults, with the judge’s permission.