Taylor Swift’s fans are troubled that Travis Kelce will torment her because of the Chief’s Christmas game loss

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift


During the game, the broadcast cameras caught the tight end removing his helmet and spiking it against the ground.


Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce’s sideline helmet spike went viral on Christmas day, as the cameras caught the tight end venting his frustrations more visibly than ever.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 9-6 in what is already their worst regular season since 2017, when they finished with a 10-7 record. Despite still having a firm foothold in securing a post-season berth via a AFC West championship, their offensive struggles are only increasing and Super Bowl hopes rapidly fading.

Taylor Swift fans are worried: “He might take it out on her”
Aside from traditional NFL fans, there is a group of masses that is also growing concerned: Swifties (aka Taylor Swift fans). While Travis Kelce’s charisma is off the charts, and he has only shown affection towards Swift, the Grammy-winning artist’s fans are worried that the football star could take out “his frustrations on her”.

Taylor Swift at game

The quote appeared on dozens of ‘X’ posts on Christmas evening, showing several of Swift’s fans concerns mounting. “Honey, im concerned for your safety @taylorswift13”, one fan wrote. “Taylor (Swift) better not go home with him today, he might do that to her”, another wrote.

“This never happened before they were dating”, one fan said in response to his sideline tantrum.

Others got creative and resorted to puns using some of Swift’s popular song titles: “Taylor is actually cursed. The Chiefs are bad now! Sad! She’s the problem! It’s her!”. Another example: “Well, now he (Kelce) has bad blood. You decide whether it was cause by Swift or Pfizer or both”.