Taylor Swift is PREGNANT!!! – Watch VIRAL Video causing UPROAR as Taylor Swift STUMBLES again on Stage during Eras Tour after she nearly FELL off chair during previous show

Taylor Swift almost fell


Taylor Swift suffered another onstage mishap during the second of four concerts in Tokyo this week.


Taylor Swift Eras Tour

The Karma singer, 34, visibly stumbled as she descended the stairs on the Folklore portion of her three-hour Eras Tour – days after nearly falling off her chair during a previous show,

Wearing the long boho-inspired dress that is part of that segment of her concert, she slipped descending the moss-covered stairs of the cabin in her set just before performing her song Betty.

The four-time winner of Album of the Year at the Grammys – which is a record – recovered quickly and managed not to land on her rear.

‘I almost fell off the folklore cabin, but I didn’t and that’s…the lesson. My life flashed before my eyes, yeah no it’s all good..everything’s fine, everything’s great,’ she said shortly after her concert.

‘I’m just so happy I didn’t fall off the folklore cabin you know what I mean? What a great night In Tokyo!’

She continued, “[It] was right as I was taking my harness off, too. It was really just [sigh].”

Taylor nearly fell off her chair during a steamy performance on her The Eras Tour in Tokyo on Wednesday.

The star was performing a racy rendition of hit Vigilante S**t – which sees her squat with her legs open before slowly descending onto a chair.

However, the star, clad in a midnight blue leotard, misjudged the chair’s position and was seen stumbling before regaining her composure.

Fans quickly took to social media to laud the star for avoiding catastrophe onstage, writing: ‘she’s been doing her squats bc i would’ve fallen right on my a**’

The pop superstar has been attending her beau’s games this season and has been criticized by right-wingers for, in their opinion, taking camera time away from the field.

The reality is, NFL broadcasts don’t cut to her all that much and even before she started attending games with Kelce’s parents and Brittany Mahomes, the cameras cut to their luxury box anyway for reactions to what was happening in the game.

And the truth is, Swift’s presence at games has brought in millions of new viewers, most of whom are women and girls.

Since the blonde beauty and Travis started dating, countless viewership records across the sport have been broken and an estimated 110million are expected to tune in to Sunday’s game against San Francisco 49ers.

Earlier in the season, NBC reported an extra two million viewers for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game.

Fueling the surge in viewership is a formidable force of female fans, as research by Nielsen exposed a staggering 37 percent spike in their viewership since Taylor and Travis became a couple.

Kelce jerseys also saw a 400 per cent spike in sales, while the athlete himself gained half a million new followers on Instagram.

After the Super Bowl, Swift will be flying to Melbourne. Australia for the Australian leg of her tour.

She is playing three shows in Melbourne and four shows in Sydney with Sabrina Carpenter as her opening act.

After Australia, the Lavender Haze hitmakers flies to Singapore for six shows.

Then Taylor hits Europe for the final stops of her record-setting tour.