Taylor Swift is now the most FAMOUS Woman in the world since the Queen died

Taylor Swift in Melbourne


Taylor Swift is the most famous woman in the world since Queen Elizabeth II, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has claimed.


Taylor Swift

The popstar was a magnet for headlines throughout the NFL season, regularly finding herself in the spotlight as she supported tight end boyfriend Travis Kelce at his Chiefs games.

The head coach insisted that the singer’s attendance at games wasn’t a distraction for his team. He also revealed the 14-time Grammy Award winner fully embraced the team spirit, despite, according to him, her dizzying level of fame reaching the same level as the late British monarch, who passed away in 2022.

‘I really didn’t worry about it,’ Reid told Pro Football Talk of the extra attention Swift attracted to the team this season.

‘I knew her dad and her mom, good solid people. I’d met her when she was young. She’s so grounded for who she is. Since the Queen has passed away, she might be the most famous woman in the world. But she handles it.’

Reid went on to reveal that Swift not only immersed herself in her NFL beau’s performances but also the team as a whole.

‘I think it’s a great escape for her,’ he added. ‘She sincerely enjoys the games. Behind the scenes, to fit in, I don’t even think she knew she was doing this, but she likes to cook so she made the offensive linemen homemade Pop-Tarts. So it was over. She knew right where to go.’

The four-time Super Bowl winning coach was pressed on whether the added headlines ever made him concerned but he quickly denied it, insisting it never crossed his mind.

‘It was never an issue,’ he added. ‘Travis handled it great. She handled it great. It was never an issue.’

Reid met Swift and her dad Scott Swift when he was the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, as Scott is an alumnus of the University of Delaware and the family initially lived in the Philadelphia area before moving to Nashville for the singer’s career.

Meanwhile, the head coach isn’t the only person within the football world to shed light on Swift’s baking skills.

Bernie Kosar revealed in December that Swift makes Kelce cinnamon rolls as a pre-game snack, after the former quarterback was photographed with the pop star earlier in the season.

Kosar was in Kansas City in October and stopped by Kelce’s house before the Chiefs took on the Chargers at home.

It was there that he crossed paths with Swift, and the ex-Browns passer has shared new details about his meeting with the singer, whose homemade pastries were apparently irresistible.

‘I was at [Kelce’s] house three hours before the game, we’re having pre-game meal and Taylor is so nice, she comes in by herself and she’s so cool,’ Kosar told Tobin & Leroy of 560 Sports WQAM.

‘She made her homemade cinnamon rolls for Travis for pre-game meal. I’m a juicer right now trying to be vegan and gluten free, but I absolutely had to sample some of that cinnamon roll on game day.’